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Zombie Tools Hellion

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  4. Nice! What's yer handle wrap?
  5. It’s leather.
    The boys in Missoula, Montana do a great job.
    Steal is 5160 spring steel.
    Needs lots of oil especially in humid areas to prevent rust.

    I prefer S30V, like a Strider knife.
  6. They throw a great party too. Been to a few open houses in my younger years. Pretty nice setup they have going
  7. That would be sweet. I need to find out when their next open house is. I've bought a few blades from them over the years.
    Horizon Air has a direct flight to Missoula.
    On my bucket list!
  8. Pretty. :)
  9. I have one of their shirts that I ordered online. Very nice quality.
  10. Good dudes with excellent blades.