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I've got a lot of threads here in the holster section, figured I'd just make a new one with the company name and post some new pics once in a while. I've got some great feedback in those various threads as well.

I have a pretty simple website up:

All of my holsters are hand made in my smallish 1 person workshop using top quality Hermann Oak leather. Holsters and accessories are custom made to your requirements.

Prices start at 65 dollars for a basic pancake or halfcake, and 80 dollars for an IWB holster. I hope to offer matching gun belts sometime in the future if all goes well.

Thank you!

Smith & Wesson M&P holster set with genuine shark trim.


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Glock 19.23.32 holster


How about one of these exactly as pictured (finish wise) but for a Sig 229 (non rail)? How much and when could you deliver?

Please mail me at: jjgi3095 at gmail dot com

I would like to further duscuss this and place an order...

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