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Zimmerman appears in court (video)

  1. Judge didn't recognize him! No doubt he looked nothing like the media made him out to look!
  2. My money's on a mistrial or acquittal within 3 days of the trial's start.
    (And it will go to trial.)

    There's no way he can get a fair trial, especially in the state of Florida.
  3. Yeah, he's like a brown white hispanic now. Think the LSM touched up the earlier photos of him to make him appear....whiter?
  4. who the heII called him white????

  5. Reuters in their first news story, for one.

  6. ...Everybody that wanted this to be an issue way beyond what it actually is...


  7. Are you saying his guilty and will get off because he cannot get a fair trial? Your first sentence seems to indicate one thing and your second indicates the direct opposite.
  8. He looks about as Anglo as Obama.

    Give me a break

    - brickboy240
  9. It really does boggle the mind that leftists have conspired to turn "white" into one of the most potentially volatile words in the English language...

  10. No It Doesn't.
  11. Dam I want to here what the "Probable Cause " was? Since this is FL shouldn't the records be public? Someone get a copy of the arrest warrent.:steamed:
  12. Innocent, until proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.

    I see no reason why Zimmerman can't get a fair trial. As long as the jurists are honest.

    I've heard the news stories, but feel I could be fair and impartial as a member of this murder trial. I could just as easily find Zimmerman guilty as I could find him innocent......it all depends on the evidence as presented.

    There are residual issues concerning this trial that I do have some thoughts about, though. For one, it sure seems to me there are far too many people that really want a lynching.....(although they aren't calling it that) For these people, it's a social statement they want to make, and fairness to Zimmerman is secondary to that end. It's really sad to see people wishing to destroy a life without ever really knowing whether there is guilt or innocence.

    If this trial ends with acquittal, I suspect we'll see a violent reaction from the radical Blacks......very unfortunate. I blame the mindset implanted in the black culture by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and many more race baiters just like them. :steamed:

    I have hopes and prayers that the Black American population can find some way to take control of their culture and rein in the haters amongst themselves*........without that happening, sooner or later this will have a bad ending.

    (* I've been seeing a solid effort in Whites and other races to deal with the haters amongst their own races. Racism will probably always exist, but if it can be relegated to a tiny fringe element, THAT would be a success! Blacks, IMHO, have not had as much success in dealing with racism as it appears to be the case in other races.......but, there is no doubt whatsoever that there are some Blacks that are courageously dealing with their own cultural issues.)

  13. The most important aspect of this trial will be the selection of jurors. Can they handle the responsibility of Florida burning with an acquittal?

    If the head was split, you must acquit!
  14. He looks a lot shorter than Trayvon (tm)