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Hey everybody, new user here.....first time posting. No stranger to forums but just registered on this one.

I recently picked up a Gen 4 G26 for my EDC pistol and it was bone stock, so I decided there was a few necessary upgrades to bring it up to par with my expectations. The very first thing I decided to do was replace the magazine release button. I started searching online and saw all the options - some of them looked pretty good but one of them caught my eye in particular.....the offering from ZEV Technologies. I bit the bullet (pun intended) and ordered the part from RockYourGlock. Shipping was fast and discreet & I couldn't wait to install it once I opened it up after receiving it in the mail. See pictures below:

My main reason for sharing all of this is that I couldn't find similar pictures prior to ordering the part. I wanted an idea of what it looked like but Google Image was only returning photos of the Gen 3 release, which is entirely different (and not at all what I was looking for)......hopefully this post will assist someone in my position in the future.

Now on to the important part: how it functions. I was initially concerned with the possibility of a magazine dropping out of the gun while carrying. The release is over-sized and angled inwards towards the pistol. This allows for an easier location of the button (especially in the dark) and an even easier push. Before swapping the buttons I had to adjust my grip to facilitate a magazine change. That issue is eliminated with this aftermarket piece. I have also been carrying the gun concealed for a few weeks now and have yet to have an issue with an accidental depression of the button.

It's rare that we find parts for anything - especially our guns - that are exactly what we would picture in our heads when thinking of "exactly what we want." This release button is one of those rare occurrences, for me anyways.......The texture of the release perfectly matches the texture of the grip on the Gen 4 pistols and it truly looks like a factory part once installed. The quality is definitely top-notch & the part is well finished. No visible imperfections. It isn't too protruding and it isn't too low-profile. There is no interference with my shooting grip and it doesn't bother my skin when it occasionally brushes my ribs during concealed carry. It's perfect for my setup.

Also, the folks over at RockYourGlock are awesome. I had a question after placing my order and they promptly responded to my email. Package was delivered on-time and they even censored the website name on the envelope it came in.....instead of "" it was simply "" - I'm the type of person that prioritizes discretion and this small attention to detail left me very impressed. I will definitely be ordering parts from them in the future.
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