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If you want to know the energy in a specific spring, test it. You can also test a group of springs from a particular manufacturer for comparison to others. My experience with Zev #4 springs is that they are on the heavy side. LWD 4 pounders are the lightest I have found, out of the bag.

The OEM firing pin is fine with a #4 spring as long as you stick with Federal primers. The FP springs in my 34s measure in the #3.8 range and are 100% reliable with OEM firing pins.

Lightened FP's are more prone to breakage than the OEM part. Substantial trigger improvements can be made by honing and polishing the FP. It takes time to get an FP done right, and to get it fit properly. Once I've invested that time, I want the FP to have a long lifespan.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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