Yuri Andropov and Vladimir Putin

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    Anyone else notice the dichotomy between the treatment of much of the Western media of Yuri Andropov and that of Vladimir Putin? I can't help but wonder if the media are nostalgic for the glory days of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Most of you are far too young to remember those days, but some of us do.

    Here are a few examples to chew on.

    Dusko Doder, Washington Post reporter:
    "He [Andropov] likes theater and the arts and has written extensively on ideological matters. The 15 years he spent as head of the KGB security police have made him probably the most informed man in the country. In that post, he was, in a way, both foreign and interior minister in charge of a vast organization with foreign and domestic responsibilities."

    Harrison Salisbury, the New York Times:
    "The first thing to know about Mr. Andropov is that he speaks and reads English."

    More from the Washington Post, how "Good Old Yuri "Andropov:
    "collects abstract art, likes jazz and Gypsy music."

    Unlike the fawning coverage of Andropov, the media have made Putin out to be the bogeyman. Certainly Andropov served over thirty years ago, but he was as dangerous a man to the United States and world peace as Putin ever will be, but he wasn't portrayed as such.

    Many more examples in this classic: