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Yuge! Chuck Grassley To Proceed To Confirm Kavanaugh!

  1. Enough of the obstruction from democrats.

    Christine Ford and her lawyer have been too wishy washy on their decision to testify before the Senate Judiciary.

    Ford’s lawyer, Debrah Katz initially said her client would testify, but decided against it at the last minute.

    In response, according to Senator Orinn Hatch, Chairman Chuck Grassley will proceed on confirming Brett Kavanaugh for SCOTUS as planned

    Now yer talkin'

  2. Excellent.
  3. Excellent indeed. It was about time to call their bluff.
  4. Plan A: Trip up Kavanaugh in the initial hearings and kill the nomination in committee.
    Plan B: Come up with phony accusations of groping.
    Plan C: Insist on an FBI investigation.
    ... delay, delay, delay, delay...

    I'm glad Republicans have finally figured out the Democrats' game plan.
  5. There need to be criminal charges brought for unwarranted accusations & blatant obstruction. Make it hurt when they pull this crud and it comes to nothing
  6. It causes me to wonder 1) WTF took them so long? 2) Are they really that stupid or naive? 3) why haven't they been more active to get Kavanaugh confirmed and seated? It's only a SECOND sc justice they could get AND take credit for. Are they that stupid to not see/want this?
  7. Absolutely! Like making the plaintiff pay when they tie up courts with BS suits and lose. No getting away without paying for it would go a long way to stop that BS.
  8. Comfirm this morning, and file a libel suit this afternoon. Enough, already!
  9. McConnell and Grassley really screwed this up. They should have known the dems would pull stunts like this and given the process an extra 2 weeks of cushion time.

    IIRC, the Supreme's session begins on OCT 1. The best case I can see is Kavanaugh being confirmed by the 1st or 2nd. That's assuming Schumer won't pull out another delaying tactic on the floor vote. Quite likely he will.

    I really need to look up SCOTUS' rules for a Justice that is seated late. Can he become a part of a case that has already begun the process or does he have to recuse on those cases? Having a 4 to 4 divide may lead to some bad case law on important cases, as lower court rulings would stand in a tie.

    At this point, I guess I'll be happy if Kavanaugh is just seated on the court. The GOP screws up every thing they touch. :steamed:
  10. The only reason to hesitate is that they are fearful of the coming MSM backlash and it's effects on the mid-terms. But trying to appease the MSM is mission impossible - no matter what, the MSM will vilify Republicans.

    But the most important question of all is this: Is it more important to get a generational conservative majority on the high court, or win a mid-term election? Republicans should not have any problem answering that.
  11. I'm sure that they will have scheduled hearings on the most important cases for later in the session. Shouldn't be that big of a deal if he's seated a few days late.
  12. That is great, except according to the texts in the linked article, Hatch did not say:

    "In response, according to Senator Orinn Hatch, Chairman Chuck Grassley will proceed on confirming Brett Kavanaugh for SCOTUS as planned."

    He said "We should proceed as planned."

    The article says one thing then shows tweets that say another.
  13. It aint "OVER" till it's "OVER", but Grassley gets a big SALUTE from me if this is true.
  14. :popcorn:
  15. All comes down to whether or not they have the votes to confirm. That idiot Flake might be a problem. If they are confident that they do I think they will vote this week.

    Since when does a wacko dictate the schedule of the senate? Her lawyer says she will testify on her schedule. BS!!!

    If the democRATs get away with this and the vote is delayed or he doesn't get confirmed, this will become their MO for EVERY Republican nomination. Forget the facts. Just have a list of women to be paid off to make false allegations against Republicans.

    It's up to you Republicans. Unless you want this to become the norm you better have the vote this week.
  16. Good. Do it today.

    I can hear the socialist now "Not my judge".

    I am sure that Hillary and Obama will have to give us their opinion.
  17. Oh, Hillary already is. She's on MSNBC saying Trump should ask the FBI to reopen Kavanaugh's background check.
  18. even if true, if he was a progressive, he would be hailed a hero!
    perhaps invited to go with BUBBA and his BFF on a Lolita flight.
    unproven allegation, from three decades ago? really?
    i didn't inhale.
    i did not have sex with that woman.
    trailer trash.
    bimbo eruption.
  19. OK...ENOUGH OF THIS S**T.... Talk about heads exploding...mine is ready
    I'M DONE WITH WATCHING/HEARING ABOUT/READING ABOUT THIS .....from now on WHATEVER!:crazy::duel::freak: :deadhorse:
  20. They’re too busy with their own BS to focus on the jobs they were elected to do. These punks hardly work these days. They’re all busy cheating on their wives and taking kickbacks to worry about deadlines and their constituents.
  21. It wasn't supposed to go this far. Kavenaugh was going to be tripped up in his testimony during his hearings. The Republicans would have folded by now. It hasn't worked. The weak ones are coming back on board. Corker is back and slimy little Flake is "begging" the woman to come Monday to testify. She won't. He'll 'probably' vote to confirm. Seriously............ the democrat party is on its way to irrelevancy, people have had a belly full of them.
  22. My dream scenario: hearing starts and republican call surprise witness, "wick Thayer", who says, I went to that school, until I got kicked out for partying too hard. It was me that night. I was really wasted with my buddy kip, who died in 92 from coke. Thought the Girl was DTF, wrassled a bit, tried to get some boob, let her go when she yelled. I'm really sorry.kavanaugh, the big *****, wasn't even there.
  23. We all know this is a sleazy DFL stunt and a false and baseless accusation. But for some reason there are those in the GOP who instantly fill their shorts whenever an accusation is made. I really don't understand some of these spineless (Flake-y) republicans. Well, yes I do, they want to have GOP to the right of their name, but they are really closet Democrats.
  24. McConnell are Grassley are pounding this through. When they started they had a one vote majority and now it is a two vote margin. They can't just say **** every member of our caucus are going to do it exactly as we want, they wouldn't have the votes.

    We are going to get a brilliant, young strong conservative on the court. I am god damn glad Trump and Senate leadership worked together so well to get this done. There isn't much I like about McConnell, but he gets this **** right. He did with Garland, he was outstanding with Grouch and he is going to nail this one also.

  25. Talking. I want to see them acting.
  26. I suspect this means, behind the scenes, the Republicans believe they have the votes.

    Or does it means they are going to let him go down, so they can bring up another nominee?
  27. My hunch - they played it safe up to the point where they could demonstrate the Democrats weren't cooperating with holding a hearing on an accusation they raised, out of concern for optics w/ independent and even some Republican women. It sucks but it's also pretty well proven that these out of the blue 'sexual harassment/assault' attacks are effective. That's why the Dems keep doing it.
  28. They know but, they are afraid of the MSM. The news media are part of the democratic party and their job is to brainwash us. They are succeeding.
    We live under the tyranny imposed by the media and we are afraid to talk or act.
  29. Onward and upward with Ginsburg's replacement.
    Destroy the Leftist traitors.
  30. It is about time they grew some nads. All I can say is GO FOR IT GUYS & GALS. The DemoRATS aren't going to vote for him on any conditions. Any reasonable person can see this whole thing with the accuser is just a effort to delay.
  31. Indeed
  32. If he comes down, they should put me up.
    I know that I am not qualified and would make a horrible judge, but that didn't stop liberals from confirming Sonia Sotomayor.
    Day one I will start working to turn over everything on the banning of full autos. Then I will give a speech about the two genders.
    Liberals will probably have me killed, but it will be fun while it last.
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  34. I just read Grassley caved again and made new offer. This sucks!
  35. Bad optics. They had to proceed as if this was a real, serious, accusation to not alienate women and independent voters. Grassley has done the right thing by giving the accuser every chance to testify. The fact that the accuser and her legal team have dragged their feet helps illustrate to the independent voters how full of Democrat the Democrats are.
  36. No, Grassley is playing this very carefully. He can’t risk alienating a large segment of the electorate right before the midterms.
  37. I just heard that democrats found a new witness.
  38. I disagree - an off site interview, maybe in writing with no grilling will not be the same.
  39. Personally, I think that most are still scared stiff of the media and what might be said about them. You know..That list that Rush does so well...Racist, sexist, homophobe etc...Sometimes I wonder how they can even go to the toilet without testing the political water or wind...Spineless doesn't come close... Helpless would be closer.. After Kavanaugh is appointed, they'll be patting each other on the back and saying what a great job we've done... Great day for America and all that blah,blah, blah..
  40. Yup... Sometimes (most of the time), they're too busy sticking their respective fingers in the air to see which way the political wind is blowing.

    That's what separates them from a non-politician like President Trump. He just does what he believes is right and proper, and damn the consequences.

  41. I believe that Deep State Ryan and his fellow RINOs are too flaccid to be as aggressive as Democrats are.

    Feckless, flaccid, fearful.
  42. Why would we want 2 more weeks of this BS? If they can get it done sooner is better.
  43. As soon as she said she would not testify without an FBI investigation they should have scheduled the vote. Who the F is she to demand a federal investigation when there was no felony?
    Just a big fat stall tactic.
  44. I'd rather seat Kavanaugh before the session begins. The Senate is very different from the HOR. A single senator can gum up the works for a day or more. Added together, the time adds up. Also, unlike the HOR, McConnell is dealing with a handful of extra stupid GOP members. Flake, Collins, et al. Wishing they would use common sense is futile. Voters keep putting them back in office.

    McConnell and Grassley have to play the hand they are dealt. They know they are holding a few idiots. Those idiots are still needed to get to 51. A little better scheduling would have this done before Oct 1.

    Probably not a huge deal. Kavanaugh looks to be missing only a few, smaller cases. It could have been avoided.
  45. ...they should probably focus on appeasing their constituents....tick tock....
  46. I would LOVE to see a Dem vote to confirm him just to see what the fallout would be against that Dem...
  47. Fake Tweet, Fake News.

    They will NOT vote as regularly scheduled.