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YouTube censorship. Why haven't people chosen another site?

  1. Not getting into the slanted censorship issue. Let's just say if privately owned, they can slant info as long as no race, religion.... Violations. So start your own thread if that's your thing.

    My question is I see links to pto Trump, against antifa criminal activities but when I click on link YouTube has removed it. Are there not many other sites to post such things? (I am not conversant in computer sites ). But I am sure there are other options? I'm quite sure I have watched clips on some.
    Do people who do post political stuff, to get info out... Why don't they post a 2nd link when origional is taken down? (The last one was a link from a Blaze article) I read a Cop Talk Chicago marathon of Medic who ran in full gear, did successful CPR before crossing finish line on a colapsed runner... Saw another article looked interesting.....
    Must be half a dozen this month I got links to removed content because it didn't fit narative. (Which IMO is private groups right) but why not post it yo a free site?

    Maybe get another site popular?
  2. I bunch of firearms people went over to Full30. I really like the site, but recently I can’t get the main screen to scroll down to see the content. It just keeps locking up or pausing so much I gave up on it. Once it runs the video it’s usually fine, but I tend to get frustrated enough before I find one that I want to watch that I give up.
  3. It's like changing political parties because you don't agree 100% with the Democrats or Republicans - it seems like a great idea until you realize the alternative doesn't really exist.

    "Get another site popular"? Sure, you and a few hundred Glocktalkers get right on that. Let us know when you have reached Youtube level and you can get started on making the LIbertarians into a political party.
  4. ^^^^^^^

    Full30 was the first ting that came to mind.

    But most of the guys making videos have said publicly that they aren’t getting the views necessary on Full30 to back out of YT.

    YT is so well established it’s hard to compete against.
  5. You are saying there are no other sites to "park" clips you took? That you can provide links to others to find from a news source? I am VERY outdated on computers. But A quick search found 15 sites (more acceptable of content then YouTube).
    Heck knowing how they remove stuff not slanted properly. Start with another site. (I would think those posting political stuff could research best sites). I admit. I can barely post pictures on CL.
  6. A lot of people hate the guy but Alex Jones is trying to build an alternative to YT.


  7. It does exist however, you just have to be willing to make the change. No sense in working against your own interests just because it isn't popular enough for you yet.
  8. IDK...I guess I don't use it for anything which is banned...it is just a convenience site for me...I stick to mostly how-to videos which have helped me save quite a bit of time/$
  9. When Hickok45 and Paul Harrell are taken off Youtube, the only on-line videos I watch will be on PornHub.
  10. Youtube/Google have attained a critical mass that is hard to compete with.. even if a gun channel is demonitized from direct payment from Google (most, but not all, are..), the money that you can raise from the eyeballs alone (through patreon) is more than you are going to get through something like full30, even if it's fully monetized...

    TL/DR it's capitalism mang...

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  11. I don't upload - I'm talking about places to find content. Nobody else is even close.
  12. YT doesn't make any money, so it has no real competition.
  13. "...as of December 10, 2019, “YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service, if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable.”

    More change is coming to YouTube. If too many channels that I watch are removed I will avoid YouTube altogether.
  14. Youtube is the reason I cancelled Netflix.
  15. I watch all kinds of stuff on youtube. No problems here.
  16. Youtube is so big that people can't go elsewhere if they want major clicks.
  17. There is no realistic competition to YouTube. They had a decade+ headstart and get more new content added in an hour than other sites have in their entire catalogs. Full30 is probably the biggest pro 2A and it's not a freckle on YTs ass. I tried Full30 for months and the user interface is pretty terrible.
  18. Because freedom is easy these days
  19. Because many would rather get the government to force a private business to act how they want.

    everyone makes excuses that YouTube is untouchable. Tell that to MySpace, broadcast.com, digg etc.
  20. Same thing applies to Twitter. Alternatives are springing up to both Youtube and Twitter but they are so well established, and the alternatives are clunky to use in comparison. If the other platforms ever get to the point where they work as well, and more of the major "posters" start using them, they will gain in popularity, but so far convenience and familiarity are keeping people where they are, even as the censorship keeps cranking up.
  21. I type any subject into YouTube search and gets 100s/1000s of results??? I am a YouTube junkie. Everything I could ever want to see is put before me the second I start the app. No issues that I can see.

  22. Serious? So basicly ( using old school). "I look up stuff in the index, and I find it in the book. So nothing is excluded"
    Do you honestly not realize the index was cleaned of any unwanted subjects?

    I am talking linked Vidio of a story. The link goes to YouTube who decided it was positive for a conservative group, and pulled the Vidio. ( which I don't like but from my understanding its you tubes right)

  23. Provide your example. I am guessing the video did not meet YouTubes terms of service for many reasons.

    This is just like all the nut jobs that claim 'you will not see that on MSM' or some such version.

  24. One billion hours of youtube videos are watched daily...daily.

    Sure some of it is educational. I've watched videos on everything from helping me first time strip a gun to installing a sink.

    That number is staggering....its over 114,000 years of content every single day. How can another service hope to ever compete?
  25. I've watched the whole thing....now doing reruns.
  26. The big gun tubers will tell you themselves....... the majority of eyeballs are on You Tube. The ratio’s aren’t even close.

    As a private entity they can run things as they see fit, and they do with extreme bias.

    On one hand governments force or try to force balanced behavior. Think anti-trust
    Or anti-competition regulations.

    Much like the old Bell Telephone which was broken up, You Tube / Google has gotten so big and influential I believe it has crossed over into “public utilities” status.
    Do we take it from them...... force a break up; I would say no. But I would say there should be significantly more oversight to eliminate the bias.
  27. History is littered with examples of people falsely predicting eternal monopolies.
  28. It was after following a link, seeing something interesting on that page... Something about a antifa group blocking the wrong person who gave a warning to let him pass (on public sidewalk) then he struck the masked person. (I don't know if that person had the baseball bat, or his buddy) from reading story line.
    Without seeing Vidio I don't know if the person swinging was part of counter protester group? That article said was there. Some guy walking? It said another antifa goon pulled a knife... But the stills, teaser showed the baseball bat half concealed, I didn't see any knife. (But assumption that was shown after punch)???
    I will try to follow origional link. But you know they change teaser stuff.

    I followed the first link, did what I thought I had before. Didn't find story.
  29. YouTube is good for some things but not everything. I look at other sites as well. Not using Google Chrome anymore, other search engines bring up lots of sources outside of youtube for videos.
  30. This is the first I’ve heard of Full30.

  31. Exactly and I am not even interested enough to go take a look. Everyday I open YouTube 20 times or so and it presents me with numerous gun videos because I have watched other gun videos in the past. I see zero censorship.

    Here is an example. I open YouTube and it suggests for me several videos from these guys because I watched a few of their videos all the way through. Thats what YouTube looks for, do you complete an entire video or just click in and click out.


  32. What topic did you search for that is excluded?
  33. :cow:
  34. No topic. As I said it was a link from IIRC the Blaze. Regarding a antifa incident where a guy blocking a sidewalk (possibly with a baseball bat, knife) got decked. The link to YT showed it was removed.
  35. The CEO of Google made $450 million last year. Good Lord....

    Good luck competing against that. I'm a creature of habit, so I'm not even gonna try. YouTube isn't perfect, but it works in its own way. I've had an account there for probably 16 years, and I'm not going anywhere. Wouldn't help if I did anyways.
  36. I guess my question never registered. "If you are going to have your Vidio removed from FB why not post it to another site, put that link in news stories??"

    What's kinda funny. On radio I heard about social media sticking it to the NHL..
    Seems the NHL limited the fans for only 4? Players they could pick for all star games. So couple sport commentators suggested the most unlikely player. @2015
    The NHL tried everything to stop it. (!They had all the power) even traded him out of country, sent him to farm team. But finally had to let him play. He scored twice, his team won.... The NHL didn't put his name on the "call this # to pick X to be MVP". Other teams told their fans to write him in. They had to finally declare him the MVP.
    It was impossible. The NHL was in control. But it happened. BTW I dislike professional sports. But liked the story. I feel bad for people who feel they have zero power.
  37. This is a key point. People want immediate results but the reality is that it'll take a minimum of 10 years to get anything established.

  38. Sure. But youtube is so intergrated into...well everything. Name any service now or planned which could compete?

    Their adoption and success are beyond impressive. They account for nearly 50% of music streamed and over 10% of all internet traffic. Is there any discussion of an anti trust lawsuit?

    Youtube is one of the four horsemen of the internet apocalypse.
  39. What's that supposed to mean?
  40. All the "soph" videos were banned from youtube.

    She was just a 14 year old girl giving her opinion of politics. She'd sprinkle in some swear words, but no more than on other edgy channels. No nudity or anything like that. Just politics. She got banned because her freedom of thought not allowed on youtube. She was getting around a million views. Gone.

    Even many youtube videos about the banning of soph were banned.

    Now you can find her on *****ute. Ever hear of that? For most people, probably not. By contrast, ever hear of youtube?

    Edited, ha ha ha, I can't even post the name of the website on GT. It is female dog, followed by "ute".
  41. Agree. Demonetized YTers just ask for money through other means and it’s far more effective because YT gets so many more views.

    What stinks is when places like PayPal ban people for wrongthink. That seems worse than censoring videos, to me.

    I’ll admit that I wish there was a viable alternative but I still use YT. Part of the problem is that most of our YT viewing is done on our Roku, so it’s convenient. I suppose we could cast a site but it’s not as convenient as a Roku app. I know, first world problems.
  42. Because americans are sheep and will gladly support communist run companies.
  43. What about Vimeo as an alternative to YT.
  44. The issue is that they jerk around conservatives. If they don’t ban or demonatize them, the put their videos after dozens of other videos in the search when searching for the exact title of the video you’re after (in the browser, for certain content they don’t like), or they suspend videos for copyright infringement when there is none, and correct the “mistake” a couple days later, after their core audience is willing to watch the video. Many people will not watch a 2-day old video about news topics, so it’s a sinister way of drastically reducing monetization.
  45. I think you’re alluding to ignorance, but it’s much worse, IMO. Many Americans applaud the censorship of ideas the don’t like. That’s about as un-American as it gets, in my view.
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  47. it sucks when there is a product that is THAT good (PooTube and Google) that despite how much you abhor them, you find yourself supporting them because there is no alternative that is even close.

    YouTube can anticipate what you might be interested in, and Google anticipates what you're looking for even though you can't ask a clear question.
  48. Bovine excrement?
  49. Youtube has a whole lot of music. A whole lot.