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You're Going To Wish for Feinstein

  1. I'll tell you what I wish for: For all of the members of the Black Lies Matter terror cell to be sent to Guantanamo, and for sanctuary city mayors, councilmen, and police chiefs be sent along with them.
  2. Simple case of varying degrees of treachery and potential treasonous behavior. I don’t trust any of them with a “D” by their name. Sadly, there’s becoming fewer R’s that I have much trust or faith in, but a “D” is a dealbreaker for me.
  3. Democrats.jpg

    My view of all Democrats !
  4. Hope her poop map is up to date now she will have more free time.

  5. It's just another "D" with a gun grabbing woody from Kali...
    I love it when they eat their own.
  6. CA may be wishing for her to come back before too long.
  7. Who cares? They are a lost cause. I'm more concerned about creeping Californianism spreading
    to the other states as Californians escape their destroyed cities.
  8. I don't care WHAT California Liberal/Progressive/Sozi replaces Swineslime. I just want her to suffer the humiliation of being rejected by her fellow lunatics for whatever reason they have concocted in their feeble minds.

    And I consider it a JOKE that her fellow Dems are rejecting her because they don't think that she's enough of a Left wing extremist!

    If any one of them had any sense of actual decency they would reject her because she's a horribly corrupt ONE PERCENTER who funneled millions of dollars of government contracts into her husband's business and became filthy rich as a result.

  9. Yeah, the National Socialist Democrats are upgrading from an Albert Speer to a Goebbels.
  10. I can’t believe they called her a “moderate” democrook.
  11. I have no doubt whatsoever that any new Democrat is worse than an older one.

  12. The only thing I “wish” for is that people would go back to acting civilized, respectful and like adults.
  13. i agree ohio is next in line with some crazy laws trying to be pasted. If they do i will have to move.
  14. Fienstein was against everything in which I believe so unless her replacement gets two senate votes I will not miss her.