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Your opinon on Hi-Viz front site for glock

  1. Was thinking about getting a front site for my 23 just wondering if anyone has onew or you opinon.

  2. I love em,have the front sights on both my 21C and 34
    Easy for my old eyes to pick up quickly
  3. I have a thing against plastic front sights.

    I think the Tru-Glo TFO's are neat, but I have not gotten a chance to try them.

    If I was running a "game gun" I might try a set of Hi-Viz.
  4. Exactally what I was thinking! idk if I wanna trust plastic sites. Maybe for just plink'n but carrying is another question
  5. Hey stp,

    Do you carry with'em?
  6. Tru-Glos are awsome
  7. I got a pair of Williams Firesights for my G19 a couple of weeks ago and have been pleased. They are awesome during the daytime and okay in lower light situations, such as under street lamps at night. In the total dark they are pretty useless, but so are the stock sights.
    The reason I went with the Williams instead of Hi-Viz is that the front site is surrounded on three sides by metal so it is protected. I carry my G19 in ankle holster and I wanted to be sure that the front site was reinforced at least a little bit to prevent breakage. The price was good as well at $31.00. I think that I might buy a pair of TFO "hybrid" sights the next time I replace a set on one of my Glocks.
  8. Put a Hi-Viz front site on my G17 for IDPA along with the Glock OEM adjustable rear sight. Works well for me.
  9. I have never tried them on a handgun but I have on a shotgun and I like them on the shotgun as they are easy to pick up. The problem I see with them is if the gun is a defense gun is I have had the light pipes break on my shotgun. This isn't a problem there as you just slip a new light pipe in and go on your way. If it is a gun for games go for it but if its a protection gun I would be afraid of it snapping when it was needed most and leaving me without a sight
  10. I have a Hi-Viz on my G19. I like it. I have a Dawson fiber optic on my G34. I like it more.

  11. great sight other than they rust easily...:wavey:
  12. Have them on my G23. Love them!