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Your Favorite

  1. Powder for 40 S&W reloads. Not looking for recipes but looking for a general powder that everybody likes and maybe agree on and such don’t you know.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
  2. I use Unique for loading my .40S&W and 9MM.
  3. My favorite - Probably N340 but it's a little steep (for a good reason)

    But I currently use and really like Unique for 9mm and True Blue for .40
  4. You will find everybodys favorite powder is going to be like someones favorite ice cream. It will vary according to ammo use , bullet weight and how well it consistently meters through their powder measure.

  5. Winchester 231.............. and "Butterfinger" ice cream. Thank you, very much!:supergrin:
  6. Titegroup
  7. I compete with my 40 and use titegroup. I can get ~14K rounds out of an 8# jug.
  8. Gold Bond Medicated powder... Plesent smell and leaves your skin soft as baby's behind. (velocities may be a bit lower than desired however)

  9. Powder is the LAST place I try to save 2/10 of a penny per rd in my reloads.:upeyes: I choose a powder based on how it performs; accuracy & the vel. & want within safe pressure limits. For the 40, I have yet to find a better powder than WSF for accuracy, & it gets to factory vel. w/ far safer pressures than TG. TG & other uberfast powders are great for mousefart loads, but trying to push factory vel. in high pressure rounds w/ them is foolishly unsafe.
  10. I use to compete with what many would call mousefart loads and they did a great job of knocking over the steel. I liked Titegroup because it metered well and it was inexpensive.

    I'm not skilled enough to compete for money so to me, the price was a factor.
  11. Gotta love these "favorite" questions that don't mention what the use is going to be. The range is Solo1000 to Power Pistol to AA9 or Longshot or some VV powder. Just depends on what you want to do.
  12. 2/10 of a penny / round. Really? Of course you are shooting lead bullets too to save money.:whistling:
  13. Just to plink Steve. :embarassed:
  14. I guess that's why we have more powders than just YOUR choice. TG has done just fine for me ever since it has been out. I tried WSF and didn't have good luck with it.

    Next time, I'll try to remember to consult you before I buy powder. :upeyes:

    BTW, I shoot lead too, in a factory barrel, and have for about 10 years. As long as you aren't funding my loading, don't worry about what I shoot.

    The original question was "Your Favorite Powder". I told him mine, I don't remember anyone asking for a lecture from you about the cost savings.
  15. Gotta love it. Why do people get all upet when you choose a different powder or bullet than they do?
  16. It's amazing at the replies some people give when the original question was:

    What is your favorite powder
  17. I am eclectic.
    Winchester 231
    Power pistol
    Winchester WSF
    SR 7625

    and "Almond praline" ice cream. Thank you, very much!
  18. Power pistol
  19. My point sarge, if you can follow, is using a powder to save 2/10 of a penny pre round is not worth the effort if the powder doesn't meet the performance level. Powder is THE cheapest part of a handgun reload. I am not attacking you, so what is your problem? There are just certain statments like; "you don't save any money reloading" & "I shoot ______ powder because it's cheap", that just make my head spin. I'ld wager most of those reloaders never put a calculator to their per round cost comparison.
    If you want to load within a narrow load range, TG & other uberfast powders are fine. Just about anything you can stuff into a case will go bang. Many shotoer get into trouble, especially newbs, loading uberfasts, like TG, & trying to push for factory equiv vel. That is an sccident waiting to happen & all because someones idea & recommendaion of best powder is the cost per round.:upeyes: I offered my choice & an opinion as well. Last I looked, free country serge. If my "bashing" of your fav powder choice offends you, well gee, I guess I could say I was sorry, but why, I am not. Powders like TG have a place, & that is not on a newbs reloading bench IMO.
    As to my question about lead bullets, if one is shooting a powder just to save 2/10 of a penny, then I hope onr is also shooting lead bullets as well, after all, they can save you 2-3c/rd. Quite a bargain considering there is little safety issue in that move vs using a marginal powder for the task at hand (unless you are shooting those 40 minor loads).

  20. Shotgunred shouldn't be allowed to respond to threads such as this... he come up with totally incorrect answers.

    It is common knowledge that everyone's favorite ice cream is ... pistachio.

    See that, he doesn't even know which ice cream is his favorite. :supergrin:

  21. I like universal clays for everyday loads. Power Pistol for hotter loads. but i've used more green dot than all of the others combined.
  22. +1 for Power Pistol (minor PF)
  23. For general use, I like Titegroup and WST. I've had pretty good luck with Unique and AA#5. For high end .40, I like Hodgdon/IMR 800x, VV 3N38 and Hodgdon Longshot.
  24. I'm currently using New Formula Unique for 40 cal and I like it but Power Pistol is all time favorite for that caliber.
  25. I have used Titegroup, Solo 1000 and Unique. Truthfully, the difference in recoil at Major power factor is not VERY noticeable to me.

    Lately, I have been shooting 180gr LRNFP Missouri bullets with 5.0gr of Unique for practice. I have been getting good accuracy with this load and it makes around 171-173PF if I recall. It would suit you just fine and cheap for plinking.