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You should be so lucky ...

Discussion in 'Carolina Glockers' started by JT, Dec 19, 2008.

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    Friday, 19 Dec 2008

    FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) - An 18-wheeler full of bullets and shotgun
    shells drove off an embankment on U.S. Highway 52 Thursday night,
    closing the southbound lanes of the highway.

    South bound lanes of U.S. Highway 52 are expected to remain closed
    through 11 a.m. Friday while road crews clean up the accident scene.

    The accident happened on southbound U.S. 52 between Westinghouse Road
    Exit 120 and Rural Hall/Bethania Road Exit 117.

    According the state Highway Patrol, the truck was carrying 40,000 pounds
    of small ammunition, mainly shotgun shells and rifle clips. The truck
    crashed through a guard rail and plunged down an embankment, spilling
    diesel fuel.

    The driver of the truck was taken to the hospital with
    non-life-threatening injuries.

    Department of Transportation officials said the accident happened
    shortly before 6 p.m. As a detour, officials suggest taking U.S. 52 to
    Exit 117 then left to University Parkway (N.C. Hwy. 66) then right to