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You Might Want To Re-Phrase That

  1. A little fella called Keith walks into a bar. Unfortunately, there is a pile of dog dung just inside the door, and he slips in it and falls over.

    He gets up, cleans himself up and walks to the bar and buys a drink.

    A great big man called Pete then enters the bar. He too slips in the same pile of dung, falls over, gets up, cleans up and then goes and buys a drink.

    The little Keith turns to Big Pete and, trying to strike up a conversation, points to the pile by the door and says, "I just did that."

    So, Big Pete punches Keith in the mouth.
  2. Took me a second :headscratch: but then I laughed. :laughabove:
  3. Yup, me too, that's why I like it.

    Jokes that have a bit of a surprise ending are nice. They keep you guessing.

    Mrs G-R (aka Pat)