You hate me because I wear a badge. Let me tell you about the badge...

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    From The Wounded Blue Facebook page

    You hate me because I wear a badge. Let me tell you about the badge and the thousands of men and women it represents.

    This badge ran towards certain death as the Towers collapsed on 9-11.

    This badge ran into the line of fire to save the people in the Pulse Night Club.

    This badge sheltered thousands as bullets rained down from the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas.

    This badge protected a BLM rally that left five officers dead in Dallas.

    This badge ran into the Sandy Hook School to stop a school shooter.

    This badge killed the Oregon District mass shooter in seconds.

    This badge has done CPR on your drowned child.

    This badge has fist fought the wife beater who left his spouse in a coma.

    This badge has run into burning buildings to save the occupants.

    This badge has been shot for simply existing.

    This badge has waded through flood waters to rescue the elderly trapped on the roof.

    This badge has intentionally crashed into the wrong way driver to protect innocent motorists.

    This badge has helped find the lost child so his mother would stop crying hysterically.

    This badge has helped the injured dog off the road and rushed it to the vet.

    This badge has escorted the elderly woman across the street because she couldn't see well and was afraid to cross.

    This badge has bought food for hungry kids because they had been abandoned.

    This badge has been soaked in blood and tears.

    This badge has been covered by a mourning band to honor those who have sacrificed everything in service.

    You may hate me because I wear it. But, I wear it with pride. Despite your hate and your anger, I will await the next call for help. And, I will come running without hesitation. Just like the thousands of men and women across this great nation.

    This badge.

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    The voice of reason, lost in the wilderness of hate and division, and manufactured outrage.
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    Some people believe that any law enforcement get paid to die for their protection. Those of us who have served Military or LEO knows this is not true. We will risk our lives to attempt to make things better but no one should ask anyone to give up their lives for them.
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    Dec 16, 2017
    As a Patriot, a Veteran and a retired Police Officer I stand with my brothers and sisters in blue. Hold the line.
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    If you have a LEO living nearby,send them a thank you card.Even better put a gift card for a good restaurant in with the card. Right now they need all the support you can give them.
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    First, I thank all Police and Firemen for their service, without you their would be nothing but chaos.

    With that being said, you know that your average constituent really doesn't care. They have been trained to think that its all about "ME". I see it every day. What have you done for me lately? People today aren't taught to respect the people who are putting their lives on the line every day.

    We're human people, we have flaws, some of you think that you shouldn't have to get out of the way of flashing lights or stay out in the left lane because you think that you are doing the speed limit... there is no need for anyone to be going faster than you.

    We have become a citizenry of entitlements. It needs to stop or we will be the next "The Fall of the XXX Empire...". Its coming, history has shown it multiple times.

    Black/White, Up/Down. Right/Wrong. Lib/Con Too much alcohol in my system. Its like people just want to destroy what is good in the world. Good Luck everyone. To be a good person you need to be good even when no one is watching. That is what is missing from society right now.

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