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Yard signs and affluent white neighborhoods

  1. As I drive around various parts of my state, wasting precious gasoline for no good reason, I notice things about various communities and what the inhabitants stand for.

    I notice that the communities that have the highest concentration of BLM and Biden/Harris signs are almost always the more affluent, predominantly white, suburban neighborhoods. Streets lined with McMansions, premium brand SUV's, finely manicured lawns and scores of elementary- and middle-school-aged children.

    I also notice the communities that have the highest concentration of Trump/Pence and Support Local Police signs are more blue-collar or farming communities.

    My state has a very high concentration of the former category. I get a little nauseous driving through these communities sometimes.

    I try to understand how wealthy, white suburbanites could be so stupid as to support organizations and politicians that hate them and marginalize them, decrease the amount of wealth they can manage for themselves, and restrict the freedoms many of them enjoy. White folks who believe that they themselves are genetically recessive, racist, privileged, and evil, solely because of their race? Wealthy people who feel guilty about working hard for what they have so they are willing to let the government take half of what they worked hard for? Savvy investors who believe the government can invest more wisely than they can? Their incentive cannot be rational, but emotional, driven by empty lives, "white guilt," a need to feel like they're "good people" by supporting the fight for the downtrodden, etc. But that support is shallow, devoid of real understanding. Virtue-signaling is the low-hanging fruit that gives them instant gratification.

    In my college town, there is no doubt that the majority are followers of Critical Race Theory and all the evil that comes with it. They are in an ideological trance, a hermetically sealed fantasy world. I can understand the academics and liberal scholars behaving this way, but business owners and executives, many of ehom have been hit by the shutdowns, and they support more of the very policies that harm them? It just seems insane.

    In any case, political allegiances sure do seem to follow very well-defined socio-economic lines. Does anyone else notice this in their area?
  2. That is definitely the case from what I’ve seen here in Richmond, Va.
  3. Ha-Ha...I don't want to waste a half tank of gas driving to find out what the signs are in an "affluent" neighborhood. Those are pretty scarce around my area.
  4. Same in Pa. Lots of 600k-million dollar homes in moderate or conservative areas with signs for Progressive politicians.


    We are near Philly which is a deteriorating garbage heap and they could go there and live under all the Progressivism they want but they won’t.
  5. One of the wealthiest areas of Columbus OH is littered with liberal signs. I can only assume it's white guilt. It certainly isn't logic: BLM would just as soon kill these useful idiots as look at them. Joe Biden will tax them and their businesses at confiscatory rates to promote more socialism.
    I've said it for years: there is nobody dumber than a white liberal.
    Prove me wrong.

    EDIT: If memory serves, that area voted for Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly in 2016. It used to be a conservative suburb. I know because I grew up there. It isn't any longer. How the Democratic Party has any appeal whatsoever to these wealthy, well educated people is completely and totally beyond my comprehension.
  6. Dublin?
  7. I personally have heard a couple middle class liberals who moved to a safe, well run Republican area with good schools to raise their kids complain about what it felt like to have their vote cancelled out by all the conservatives around them in the 2016 election. They are good friends of my wife’s so it took every ounce of restraint I could muster not to call it one of the stupidest things anybody ever said to me right to their faces.
  8. It's part virtue signaling, part mob appeasement. If and when the mob comes down their street, they think their house will be spared. Naïve idiots, every one of them.
  9. So, you drive around New Jersey?
  10. Yep, here in Connecticut it seems like most of the fancy houses have Biden signs.

    I don't understand it.
  11. No, CT is closer. ;)
  12. ive seen ALOT of trump-pence 2020 no more bs signs, right next to the trespassers will be shot and survivors prosecuted signs out here where the pavement ends and dirt roads begin
  13. I live in a toned down 55+ community. Mostly retired folks. I see mostly Biden BLM signs, but only a few. Yesterday saw a Trump pence sign in one little old lady's window.

    I like to think the tide is turning. I blame the media for prevailing ignorance
  14. Biggest rich house around here flys a Trump flag. But then again, I believe that man worked his whole life, built a welding business and sold it for a boatload a few years back.

    Around town I see Biden signs in the teacher and doctor neighborhoods.
  15. Having some success does not equate to having morals or intellectual prowess. I am reminded of this every time I see a Biden/Harris sign around my neck of the woods.
  16. I live in Southeast KY. The poor, the affluent and everyone in between are pro-Trump. We had a Trump parade last weekend right through the middle of town.

    It’s clear which base is more enthusiastic. But there’s that little mail-in ballot shenanigan that concerns me.
  17. There are quite a few people who live in extreme luxury and economic privilege that have a tendency to misinterpret their wealth as some sort of right to moral authority; despite the fact that their version of "morality" is simply their own wants and opinions.

    These individuals are typically far removed from "common-folk issues", and as such, often cannot even articulate exactly what "struggles" (insert arbitrarily chosen marginalized demographic) faces. When the thrill of flaunting their wealth wears off, they often turn to political activism as a way to continue to feel relevant; because let's face it, no one really gives a $h!t about their yachts or mansions and most people only associate with them for their fame or money.

    ...and when we're lucky, they end up looking like complete fools when someone with any sense calls them out on their bull$h!t and they fade back into irrelevance. I'm looking at YOU Alyssa Milano!

    Meanwhile, you have people like Gates, Soros and Bloomberg who completely lose touch with reality and develop a god complex; thinking they know what's best for the average Joe when they haven't lived a middle class lifestyle in decades. ...if ever.

    You'd think that with all that money, they'd be content to just enjoy life, mind their own affairs and stay out of everyone else's business. I guess for some people, money really can't buy happiness.
  18. Same here in Houston. My dentist is in one of Houston's hip/trendy expensive areas. Biden signs everywhere. Rich white kids playing at the safe, clean, fancy playground, etc... Then I drive out to central Texas to do some hiking at Garner State Park and endless Trump signs along the way. All out in the countryside... white rural folks with Trump signs.
  19. Upper Arlington.
  20. All Biden here, a lot. Streets lined with them.

    I have a sinking pit in my stomach that the fix is in for Joe.

    Once each state introduced unsolicited ballots the game is over.
  21. Those affluent white neighborhoods you are driving thru can be deceptive. You think they are rich, because they have nice expensive things, but they are actually poor. Many of them are drowning in debt because they can't live within their means. So they think the system is rigged, when they are really just dumbasses (aka lefties). Also, they have little to no connection to the outside world, so they have to base their opinions on what the MSM tells them to think, and they have been brainwashed in college to slant left.
  22. I have not seen a Biden sign in Alabama yet. There may be a few as we get closer to the election. In my part of town, it is just Trump signs, with no fear of being attacked for having one. If you drive through small towns and into the country, you will see more stars and bars displayed than Biden signs. Defiantly not Connecticut. The Democrats don't get much support except in the predominantly black areas. The return of SEC football and deer season excites more people here.

  23. It is a POV thing. Is the coffee cup half full or half empty.

    In CA we have 53 Congressional Districts. The blue ones tend to have Democratic millionaires. The red ones tend to be Republican millionaires. Same thing with trailer parks. :waving:
  24. Alabama voted an anti gun Democrat into the Senate. Traitors
  25. I live in one of those neighborhoods and have for going on 25 years. There may be a sprinkling of households drowning in debt, but advanced degrees are the norm for the most part and the people who live here aren't worried about losing out to some immigrant who might take their job. They don't believe in a socialist agenda either. They know the road to financial success is linked to higher education and they take advantage of it.

    They just have a less threatening view of the world than those on the far right.
  26. You can only be so ‘poor’ living in a half million dollar house and driving 80,000 dollar cars. They have money coming in, lots of it, even if it all gets spent

    The one thing that I’ve learned is that success and intelligence/common sense aren’t always related. You’d think it would be but this thread proves it isn’t.
  27. Last I looked I'm a "whitey", I live in the suburbs of Indianapolis (Fishers), not many signs at all, in my hood, but TRUMP 10-1, if I do see any at all besides mine. Maybe its also the state, two weeks ago I drove thorough the Adirondacks and Alleghany's and saw the same thing Trump 10-1, but the big cities in those states beat the hell out of the country folk come voting day.
    And yes the Democrats will stop at nothing to win, I worry now too, what's going to stop them from stealing it...……?!?

    May God help us all, no ones fighting for our country now, so who will fight for it then?!?
  28. wealth and brains have little to do with each other
  29. Read Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart.”
  30. Well, sorry if I insulted your yuppity duppity richie rich neighborhood. Clearly people with advanced college degrees can't make financial mistakes. The problem is certainly only here because if the fear of the people on the right.
    My bad. I forgot that Biden voters are our betters in each and every way.
  31. Those liberal signs are their version of lambs blood on the door. They think the rioters will just pass them by. Just extreme naivety.
  32. White guilt.
  33. Yep. Absolutely.
    Somehow, some way, it avoided me. Maybe it's because I treat people fairly. Or that I never owned slaves, nor did anyone in my family. But for some crazy reason, that whole white guilt just skipped me entirely.
  34. Yep. I'm guilty of nothing except, treating people right, working hard, and making good choices. Not that I haven't made plenty of bad ones, too.
  35. Except for Alachua County, North Florida is Trump world
  36. A Biden voter doesn’t own guns but likes to troll on gun forums.

    Harris will take our firearms in the first month. I will bet that Warren will be the
    Attorney General.

    Then only violent thugs will carry guns which is what the left wants.
  37. White guilt. A lot like having lambs blood on the top of the door frame. (Old Testament reference there).
  38. Drove through several states last week, predominantly in the South. Trump to Biden signs were literally 50:1.


    It became a driving game with the wife to see who could spot it first...lol
  39. Rich and intelligent can go hand in hand...but not always. So if you're sporting a Biden sign in your affluent neighborhood, your intel has failed you! IMG_2179 (2).JPG
  40. I live in a fairly well off neighborhood of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, etc.... and there is not a single Trump sign in the neighborhood.

    However, that does not mean they are voting for Biden. I suspect many will likely vote for President Trump, and are embarrassed to admit it because of his childish behavior. During neighborhood cookouts, only a few of us will openly admit, that we voted for Trump; but most will agree his tweeting and behavior is foolish.

    Some people prefer to keep their vote private, and I can respect that.
  41. I know all of the people in my neighborhood and the only ones voting for Biden are a retired teacher couple that are still hippies. But nobody is putting a sign in the yard of a $300-500k property around here. For either candidate. The only people I see putting signs in their yard(small town KY that will go 70/30 for Trump) are a few old people in old neighborhoods and farms or small houses in 'lower socioeconomic' neighborhoods and it can go either way on who they are supporting.
  42. These are people that don't pay attention to politics, but see "orange man bad" daily bashing on their CNN app or on twitter. They don't have the slightest clue about the anti-white, anti-suburb, anti-law enforcement, pro criminal, pro tax increase platform that Democrats are pushing. Like the Democrats in California and New York, they flee once their policies start effecting their wallet or safety. They won't admit they are wrong or try to fix the issues. They move to Conservative ares and ruin those with their tried and true failed Democrat policies.
  43. In my suburb of a swing state I'm seeing more Trump than Biden signs. Quite a few more and a lot of American flags that weren't out before as well.

    I remember well throughout the 90's the perception of the Republican party was old, rich, and white people. While they said the Democrats were the party of the working class. That's far from the reality now. Democrats have abandoned the working class and saddled up to the billionaires.
  44. My thought 'zactly! Like garlic to a vampire they think a BLM sign will repel BLM if or when they come to town. I also think it's flawed reasoning because BLM/antifa don't care. They're just there to damage, riot, frighten and burn anything they want. There IS no repellant save for a well-armed police presence (can't count on that) or National Guard.
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  47. :dog:get a good a good sniff?
  48. Ha-Ha....GT's version of "Where's Waldo" is "Find Geeorge's Cow".

  49. In my part of Central Texas, I have only seen a couple of Biden signs and exactly 2 Biden bumper stickers. Trump signs and flags are everywhere. In my neighborhood which I consider reasonably upper middle class and fairly ethnically diverse ( retired school administrators, retired police officers, retired military officers and senior NCOs, current mid to upper grade civil service and so forth), located next to a golf course, we have exactly 1 Biden sign and a couple of dozen Trump flags and signs. The bigger issue here is a State Legislature race with the incumbent Republican being challenged by a relative newcomer to the area who has received massive amounts of funding from Bloomberg and associates.
  50. Oh yes. That election was a mess. I voted for Mo Brooks in the primary and never cared for Roy Moore. After it was too late to remove Moore's name from the ballot for the special election, sexual misconduct allegations came out. A very effective political hit on a flawed candidate. Currently, Tuberville has a 17% lead over Jones in the polls. I expect that Jones will be the last Democrat senator from AL in my lifetime. We have six Republicans and one Democrat in congress. How is your state doing?