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Xtreme Measures Teen Driving Clinics

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by Rob1035, Mar 19, 2006.

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    Jan 24, 2005
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    I spent this weekend at Lowe's Motor Speedway volunteering for an organization called "Xtreme Measures". They operate out of Charlotte and have events here and at Atlanta Motor speedway, where they teach basic car control, accident avoidance, and other skills to teenagers. I actually signed up because I was told volunteers get to play on the wet skid pad, but as I learned about the organization itself, a got really into it.

    The course was basically this: an infield rectangle, and every so often there would be "excersices", maybe a lane change deal, or an emergency stop, or a reverse slalom, or even a parallel parking deal. Then they'd come onto the skidpad and get to feel the sensations of oversteer and understeer and how their car reacts to different inputs.

    The interesting thing was its a 'run what you brung' type deal, with little or no emphasis on sporting cars, so we had everything from minis and audis, all the way up to a Chevy 2500 turbodiesel 4 door (and everything in between). While this sounds pretty dumb to have on track, it was all low speed type stuff, and the basic skills that are being taught can be used in any vehicle.

    I've worked/participated in HPDEs and of autocrosses, but this was something different, and I think had a little bit more of a purpose, and can definitely help these young, inexperienced drivers out. Plus there's a bunch of hot teeny boppers to look at.

    Anyways, I thought i'd share since its something we're into, and if anyone is interested in volunteering or becoming and instructor, or has a teen that you think would gain from a little professional instruction (they all will IMHO) I urge you to do so.