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XS Front/Novak Rear

  1. In the new issue of Gun World magazine, Duane Thomas put a XS big dot on the front and a Novak half ghost ring rear on his Glock 17.

    This set up (according to Duane) offers incredible speed AND long range accuracy. He backs it up with an incredible score at a recent Washington State IDPA Championship event, with an almost perfect score on a stage with targets out to 30 and 35 yards.

    This might be the answer to those that struggle with windage problems at longer ranges with the factory XS Big Dot with the shallow V-Notch rear.

    Put the big dot in the big half ring and you have good windage control with easy sight aquisition.
  2. It looks like a pretty good sight setup. Has anyone here tried it?

    Does anyone know the model number of the rear half ghost ring sight that was used? The only thing I'll can find on the Novak sight is the DCR09GS.

    I wrote Gunworld magazine & Novak to try and get the model number. I'll post it as soon as I get an answer.
  3. Please do...very interested in this combo.
  4. The Novak ghost ring set is model #SDCR09GSg. It lists for 66.90 at novak.com. The Novak ghost ring rear only model #DCR19GSg. It lists for 41.95 at novak.com.
  5. Did you get that off of the website or was that their answer?
    Just curious if they had a "special run" that Thomas used or not.
  6. I looked on that site and couldnt find them.
  7. actually i count not either could someone post a link to the novak ghost ring?
  8. Big dot or small dot for the front? I run the XS big dot sights on my G30 carry pistol, which is great up close, but that big dot is real big when taking those 15yd plus shots.
  9. You guys are talking "ghost ring" when the original idea was the "half ghost ring". There is a difference.

  10. I just ordered the above mentioned half ghost ring by Novak and will use a big SX Dot sight in the front just like the set up in the article.

    I'm planning on using this set up on my G-26. I'm hoping that I will still have plenty of light on each side of the big dot considering the much shorter sight radius.

    I will report back after I get it and have a chance to use it.

    If anyone else has used this set up, please post your thoughts. Hopefully Novak ships fast!
  11. Awesome.
    Thanks for being a "test dummy." Keep us posted.
  12. I got that wrong. Doh! It is novaksights.com and a half ghost ring rear.
  13. Having the Novak rear installed now. Did not like the Big Dot rear. This will look more like the sights on my S&W 327 Nightguard that has a Big Dot front and Cylinder & Slide Extreme Duty fixed u-notch rear sight. I love that setup and shoot that weapon the more accurately than any I own.

    Will let you know how the G26 works with this new setup.
  14. Looking forward to seeing the results, I am considering XS sights for my 27.
  15. I finally got my Novak rear sight. Im going to install it myself this weekend. Might be a chore, it doesnt even start to go into the dovetail. Will be a very tight fitting sight.
  16. tagged....waiting for update
  17. I installed my sights on the G-26 today. I painted the front dot bright orange for even better visibility. I probably wont get to the range for another couple of weeks to really try them out. So far though, I really like this set up. Very easy to acquire the front dot in a hurry, and it looks like it will be easy to align for longer distance accuracy due to plenty of light on each side of the front sight.
  18. how much of a PITA was the rear sight to install?
  19. It was really tough getting that rear sight on! I had to do some major filing and fitting. A very tight fit. Took me over an hour!

    In just dry firing here in the house it seems like this set up will no doubt be very quick. I think that accuracy will be as good as the typical notch and post.

    I will post again after I get a chance to spend some time at the range.
  20. tagged
  21. Guys,
    The best test of any sighting system and shooting abilities is a force-on-force class with realistic scenarios. IDPA and IPSC do not feature real opponents who move and shoot back. That makes all of the difference. Facing a person who moves and shoots first or shoots back changes everything. This is especially true if that person already has the drop on you.

    In my classes the only students who use their sights are the ones that keep getting shot. The successful students employ dynamic movement to begin the engagement and most of the shots are taken with one-hand on the move. Unless the distance is over 30 feet I rarely see anyone use their sights. They use some variety of point shooting. This makes much of the discussion of what sighting system is superior as not all that important for self defense shooting. For self defense shooting if you are engaging at distances over 30 feet there are serious questions as to whether you should be doing that unless you are facing an active shooter or a terrorist.

    If you train by target shooting I apologize as my comments do not pertain to you.

    See my website at www.jb-training.com for some descriptions of what is contained in my classes and some references to data about what happens in actual gunfights. Also I recommend you look at some videos taken by police cameras when the officers are engaged in a real gunfight. They are quiet enlightening.
  22. After looking at some of your class pictures and some of the material referenced on the sight mentioned I still cant come up with the reason for posting your point shooting ideas here in a thread about sights and new sight combinations. The sight combo definately does look interesting.
  23. Of course none of the students in your classes ever get prosecuted and/or sued if they miss their attacker with an airsoft pellet. In the real world, misses equate to a bullet zipping down the street addressed "to whom it may concern". You can tell the jury that you weren't using the sights on your pistol in the aftermath of a tragedy involving a miss because it's too slow. Let me know how it turns out.

  24. Thanks for the update, Rick. Let us know how those sights shoot.
  25. Yet, you pimp the hell out of HexSights on your website...
    Save your self-promotion for another thread. :upeyes:
  26. Shot around 200 rounds through the Glock 26 Saturday. The sights were awesome! Up close they were very fast to acquire. I concentrated on the target, and just brought the gun up into my sight plane. I noticed when I did look at the front sight it was automatically centered in the rear.

    The further I moved from the target, the more I had to focus on the front sight to keep the same accuracy level (which is to be expected).

    I was able to keep the group pretty tight at 25 yards, group size was the same as when I used the standard factory Glock sights.

    So all in all, I like this setup quite a lot. Very fast yet still allows for better accuracy at longer ranges than the shallow v style that XS uses.
  27. tagged. waiting for pictures
  28. I managed to miss the Gun World article. Did the author mention why he settled on the half ghost ring rather than the full ring version?
    Is the article available anywhere on-line?

  29. I am not trying to answer for him but if he was shooting IDPA as implied then the answer is probably that ghost rings are illegal in IDPA.
  30. You're right, I just checked IDPA's website. Ghost Rings are specifically mentioned as "not allowed".
  31. late to the party, but if you like this concept, this works well for me, and it's free! About ten minutes with a 1/4" rattail file, and you're done.[​IMG]
  32. I just had the novak half ghost instaled on my G20 that also has the XS big dot up front. I will let you how I like the setup. Hopefully I will get to do some shooting on Monday. I will try to take pictures also.
  33. How did this work out?
  34. Anxious to see pics myself. I have BigDots on a few guns and might want to give the half rings a try.
  35. i have xs big dot on front and plastic glock adjustable on rear of my g26gen4.
    i line up the green part of the big dot front sight - level with the top of the U of the rear sight.