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xine for ubuntu 6.10

  1. I just installed ubuntu 6.10. Now when trying to load some video links totem will not support them. I am running Firefox. Can some help point me in the right direction to default to xine when I click on the link?
  2. Did you install the codec pack? 2nd, Xine does not have a Firefox Plugin, you'll most likely need to install Mplayer or Totem and the appropriate plugin. Some files, divx, have been a hassle. Some of them work fine, others not at all.. I've had better luck with Mplayer, but YMMV.


    and look up How to install multimedia plug-ins for Firefox

    I suspect if you install the the totem and mplayer plugins you'll probably get this fixed. Make sure you follow the instructions to add that FAQ's repositories. They are unofficial, but have been fine for me. Only other issue you might have(although I doubt it), is because 6.10 isn't the latest release, some of those repositories might be closed. Official Ubuntu repos for 6.10 will be open about another yr, unofficial, well, they could have closed yesterday, or be open another 6yrs.. ;).

  3. APT Configuration

    You might need to add some some repositories.

    Here is one list somebody posted that might have the things you want.


    It's just the standard Ubuntu config with the universe and multiverse repositories added.
  4. code:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install dvb-utils dvbstream
    sudo apt-get install gxine mplayer
  5. don't worry....same problem with Feisty Fawn as well. :upeyes:

    i always find something in Linux that keeps me from using it exclusively and NEVER having to use MS. :sad:
  6. That's almost always the codecs which aren't open source so they aren't supllied with the install CD for legal resons. You can download the codecs and DVD libraries for free. Mint is Ubuntu with most of the non open source software pre-installed.
  7. While Linux purists will always slam you for using it(I myself don't care one way or the other, but I don't use it). Some say its broken systems, but I've used it on several occasions to install some things that can be quirky under Linux, and never had a problem.


    Mint is also a good option if you dont want to learn to mess with the codecs, etc. Its GUI is a bit goofy if you're used to KDE/Gnome/Xfce, but its OK and the OS itself is pretty stable.

  8. Thanks for the help. I already have xine mplayer and movie player installed. But when I click on a link to stream video xine opens and crashes. I checked tools, preferences, and right clicked to look for a way to open the link with another program but I see no options.

    I also checked /var/log/messages for the error but n.g.

    I wonder sometimes if I'm too old to learn a new OS :)
  9. Can you provide me a link to the whatever you're trying to stream..

  10. i tried all weekend to find the right codecs, plugins, fixes, whatever just to see if i can run youtube or other web videos. absolutely nothing worked.

    youtube asked if i had java script running and i do. and i also downloaded the latest flash player for linux as it suggested as well.

    looked at suggestions on the Ubuntu forums.

    still nothing.

    like i said. something always keeps me from using Linux as strictly my only go to OS.

    if someone who is somewhat computer savvy has a hard time trying to get Linux to work properly, how can anyone expect it to replace Windows for the average joe?

  11. The problem is, you're computer savy with Windows, Linux is COMPLETELY different. This seems to be an issue with people who have a pretty clear understanding of Windows, and they think they are going to be good at Linux because of this... This was my biggest problem switching to Linux, once I realized I could pretty much flush what I knew about Windows, it went much better for me. Its apples and oranges when it comes to the two OS's.

    Now, as for your issues...

    Are you trying to compile these items from source code, or are you downloading the .deb files, or are you installing them via synaptic?

    Youtube, if you've installed flash properly should work fine. My guess, is you've tried to install Flash with source code, becuse there is no .deb file on Adobe's site. This is simply a difficult thing for a lot of newbies to do(I still have trouble with it also), simply because you end up trying to resolve a ton of dependencies. Flash doesn't require java, so I don't know why it would say that, unless installing Java is another problem you're having.

    If I recall correctly, you're using Ubuntu 7.04. If thats the case, all of the issues you mention are addressed fairly easily.

    First, a very important link....


    Flash is addressed in The key, is not to just run the command, but make sure you follow the "How to add extra repositories" in that section. If you don't add that FAQ's repos, the chances of any of those commands working, is slim to none.

    Java- 1.7.1

    Multimedia codecs-

    Again, make sure you add that FAQ's repositories.

    Its simple once you get the hang of it. If you, or anyone else, has trouble with Ubuntu, I'm IndyGunfreak on AOL, Yahoo, and MSN.. Feel free to send me an IM.. I've learned by trial and error, and can fix most newbie problems.. ;)

  12. Hey Indy - thanks for the link.

    yes, i'm using 7.04

    but, note all of the "How to install Multimedia XXX" entries.

    once again that is one thing that i think gets Windows users PO'd and give up on using any Linux as their go to OS.

    yes, Windows and Linux are 2 different animals and being proficient at one doesn't mean you'll be a genius at the other. but i would hope that being at least somewhat smart in windows would make the learning curve in linux a little easier. and it does to a small extent. but it still is maddening as compared to windows or mac with just a point and click and stuff works.

    i'll look at some of the info that you posted and let you know what works....IF it does, hopefully.

    of course i don't have all day to do nothing but sit and play around with Ubuntu. i guess spending a little time here and there though might help the learning curve for sure.

    if i can get video and audio/MP3 stuff to work properly AND somewhat easily that will be a MAJOR plus.

    now excuse me while i break out my ball peen hammer!! :supergrin:
  13. Thanks for all the help. I also first learned on basic (jeez i'm old, trs 80) and then on windows. My friend in Fl suggested I try FC3 and I did. Ubuntu is a lot more user friendly but I find myself thinking windoze too much.
  14. Fedora is a good distro, but FC3 is ancient, FC7 will be released here in a couple months.

  15. Well I first started playing with LINUX about a year ago. When I switched distros to ubuntu FC5 was just coming out.
    If I would switch distros again I may go with mandrake.
  16. I used to really like Mandrake/Mandriva. I had Mandrake 10.0 Official, and really liked it. It was fairly easy to use, was pretty fast. Then I tried Mandriva 07, and I vowed never to touch a Mandriva distro again. I paid for it, which was no big deal, but it was slow, was constantly just randomly restarting, everything did work however, but it was WAY to slow.

    If I didn't use Ubuntu, I'd use Fedora Core 6, but thats just personal preference..


  17. Sidux is one of the most user Linux's. It replaced Kanotix. It does lack some licensed software that Kanotix and Knoppix have such as Java but it's not too difficult to add that. It's based on Debian Sid which has recently worked their internal problems. It seems faster and much easier to update and add software than Knoppix.

    CD download here