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XD Mod 2 5" Tactical?

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I am interested to hear people's opinions on the Springfield XD Mod 2 5" Tactical. Has anybody compared it to a Glock 17 or 34? How is the performance, accuracy, etc?
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I had an XD45 Tactical back in 2010. It was lightly used and I got it at a great price. It was not the Mod 2. It was, however, a solid built gun but I had already filled that niche with my G21 and USP45* and it felt enough different from those two that I didn't feel like adapting to it so I sold it. XDs are well put together, accurate and dependable so if you like the Mod 2 you might as well get it.

*I just bought a USP Elite 45 to go with my USP45 and G21.
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