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I sold my XD and as much as I would like to get a new one, it's not in the cards for at least a little while. So I figure I might as well sell the holsters I have.

The first one is a standard fobus OWb holster. nothing real fancy or expensive. Just a standard Plastic type holster. rides secure. It was worn a little and has some scratches, but it's in really good shape and works perfectly.
Asking $15 shipped obo

The second one is a like new Crossbreed supertuck. It is the horsehide version with an extra set of clips. It has the standard and what I believe are C-clips. It was worn around the house just a couple times, and has a scratch on the inside from the slide. Looks perfect other than that. Comes with everything it came with brand new. It isn't even broken in yet. I paid almost $100 for this after shipping. Asking $85 shipped OBO.

Make sure to send me a pm if you want either one, as that will be the way i determine who says "I'll take it" first
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