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Well, I love Springfields XD-E and all of the carry options it offers. I find that there is a lot that I REALLY like about it... and I made it one of my two primary carry rotations.
However, there is always something that I find I don't like about each of my guns, and what I found I HATE on the XD-E is the ambi safety. I like how you can load up a round in the chamber with the safety ON, but... if I don't remember to flip the safety OFF... I get a big ouchie from the right side ambi switch (that is there for the left handed folks).
Now, I don't bleed and it does no real harm, but it pisses me off nonetheless. Enough to wonder if there are others out there that feel the same way, and are also wondering if there is a single sided safety replacement out there yet for the XD-E.
It's a fairly new firearm, so I realize it may take a while. But, how about it? Anyone else out there wanting a single sided safety switch for righties? Nothing against lefties (except the gun grabbing political ones), but I'm right handed, and it's my gun... so I would rather get rid of the ambi. Even if it reduces the gun's resale value.
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