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XD-E 45 vs Shield 45

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i have a shield, been thinking about getting the Xde too, I prefer the SA/DA.

Anybody have both? Thoughts?

How about some side by side pics?
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I've done a lot of research on the XDE .45. It may very well be my next gun purchase. It has what you want in a carry .45.

Good metal sights right out of the box (although I would prefer metal night sights myself), 1" thick, 23ozs unloaded weight, 7+1 capacity with the extended mag (same as a champion/commander sized 1911), AND double-strike capability (something no 1911 has).

I've heard some folks report that they didn't like the where the thumb safety/decocker is located in relation to their grip on the gun. I've shot the 9mm version of the XDE and it was very good, I liked it a lot. I will plan on renting one again before I make the purchase. I would recommend you try it out first if you can to make sure you like it and it fits your hand right.
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