X-rap is the Rap! ( my review )

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    I've been playing around with the rapala XR-8 series now and have used the following colors; Purple gold, Hot steel, silver and gold. Hot steel has been great with getting hits btw followed closely by gold and silver, but purble gold is good also. I just picked up a ghost color one today.

    Overall, One nice lures that cast good, enter the water nice with no major wake, runs about 3-5ft deep on a med-fast retrieve, simulate a real good action and I've been catching alot more big fish with them. I plan on going with the XR-10 to weed out the smaller fish that I seems to attract due to the bigger treble hooks and lure length. ( more to follow hopefully )

    Now no "lie", I hooked three very nice bass over the course of one month, all over 5lb and probably close to 8lb on the last one but failed to land them due to various problems mostly me. Drop fish at the boat, failed to tied knot good and on today's mistake I put fish on stringer but failed to tie off stringer, fish took my stringer and ran away :frown:

    I've caught a few throw back bass ( under 18" I throwin back to live another day ) ;) I will post a big 5lb+ bass here soon ( i hope ) once I get my act together.

    On the bad side I haven't caught any peacock basses with them but their Mayan Cichild cousins seems to ingest them with no problems. For a $5.96 it's one nice lure to caset with a baitcast or spinning reel. Available at walmart and sport-authority locally.

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    Man! I HATE when they do that!!!

    Next time, chain 'em to a brick. Serves 'em right if they swipe THAT! I'd like to see them make much headway then...bet they wonb't be as smug, either. :)

    I think I'll try them. Thanks. I always had good luck with the older Rapala floating minnows, so...

    If you saw my thread about the lousy fishing hereabouts (and it ISN'T just me) then you know we need all the help we can get around here.

    Good luck!