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X products stepped in it.

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I've known about the "can cannon", but wasn't aware of their other products. Evidently the owner, James Malarkey, made some gun control ideas of a badge system for CNN. His wife also wanted everyone to donate to everytown for her birthday instead of gifts. Needless to say, the company is having some feedback from the gun community.
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I checked their instagram. Not a lot of love. Also, the manufacturer of the hand held flame thrower that runs on cooking fuel severed ties with the company. I wish I could find the origional statement by Malarkey. It was badges to be able to own guns, like the boy scouts. Also, he said 2nd is a privilege.
Screw him and his ideals, I have donated part of my body to the service of this country. So he can shove those badges up his a**.
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