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X products stepped in it.

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I've known about the "can cannon", but wasn't aware of their other products. Evidently the owner, James Malarkey, made some gun control ideas of a badge system for CNN. His wife also wanted everyone to donate to everytown for her birthday instead of gifts. Needless to say, the company is having some feedback from the gun community.
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It's not surprising that he backed off his statement, that he believes “gun ownership is a privilege". You don't accidentally say that, he believes it! I've never bought any of their products, and never will now! That clown "stepped in it" alright!

His badge system idea is a joke, and won't do one D*** thing to stop "Gun Violence"!

We don't need a dumb A** color system, with a mountain of regulation, and do's and don'ts!

What we already have, and all we need, is spelled out, in one of the greatest documents ever written, it's called the "Bill Of Rights"!
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