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WWII Fighting Knives for Advanced Collector

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by w1423, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Feb 3, 2006
    Southwest Arkansas
    Knife #1
    Knuckle Knife in un-issued condition, blade still shows all blue and rubber not cracked or brittle. Paint remaining on the Scabbard and leather still pliable. Knife 99.9% Scabbard 97%

    Originally identified as OSS Knife, but is believed to have been made for Philippine Guerillas to air drop or send in by submarine and has no definite ties to OSS. See Cole’s Book III, page 163 top of page. Mfg’d from 1873 Springfield Triangular Socket bayonet. Socket Mount cut off, rubber hose handle, stamped sheet steel knuckle guard added and pointed skull crusher ground on butt end. Scabbard is a modified 1973 bayonet scabbard with rough out leather belt hanger that slides on a belt, is added on by rivets. A military conversion believed done at Springfield Armory or Rock Island Armory. $3450 (I have other pictures available, serious inquiries only)


    Knife #2
    Cut Down Patton Saber in un-issued condition - Condition is 100%
    Patton Saber Cut down to fighting knife length. This is the handle section of the saber and has the basket hilt removed and base of hilt ground to an oval to protect hand. Hilt of handle has the hole for the basket attachment screw still there. The blade is ground to a radical bowie style point. The scabbard is a 1917 bayonet Scabbard which has a metal top and throat with standard metal attachment hanger. The scabbard it’s self is leather covered wooden body with double leather tip cover cut down to fit knife. It is believed that this is a military armory conversion due to the type/style/quality of conversion. $3175 (I have other pictures available, serious inquiries only)

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