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    A buddy of mine was hired by a landowner as a guide/manager for some mountainous property in West Virginia. The plot is 140 acres of undeveloped property near Sandstone WV off interstae 64. Elevation is between 2300 and 2900' and it has 2 water sources(creeks).My understanding is that additional land surrounding this property will be available for hunting also, through written agreement with neighboring land owners. The ridgeline of the property as well as access to the base camp are by jeep trails. My questions are, Has anyone ever hunted this area? If so, what can we expect as far as game and weather conditions? Additionally, has anyone ever been to a hunting camp? What were your likes and dislikes? Looking for some ideas for the setup, but remember, this is a low cost operation. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
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    I live close to the Sandstone area, Beckley to be exact, so I'll try to help you some. I've hunted on private property about 8 miles east of there for the past three years and heve had good success.

    There should be plenty of grey and fox squirrel, deer and turkey as well. Deer size is about average, 100-200 pounds. The doe population is really high in WV and for some reason the DNR has been reluctant to really do a lot to ease the restrictions on hunting them. Mast has been pretty good for the past three years as well, so the deer are pretty healthy and so far, we've not had any reports of chronic wasting disease. Most of the deer I've harvested in that area seem to move better in the late afternoon, but I have spotted some during the very early morning hours. You probably won't get too many local customers (if that's what you're looking for)since this is a very forested state and there is plenty of land to hunt on without paying for a hunt.

    The area you're talking about is off the beaten path in some mountainous terrain, so I'd suggest the use of 4-wheelers for carrying deer back to camp.

    Camp experiences? I hunt with several friends on private property the week of Thanksgiving and have a great time. Everyone pitches in to do work around camp and are great people to be around. I always look forward to that week of hunting fellowship.

    If you need more info, I'll try to answer as best I can. Good luck.