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WTT/WTS: solar pool heater for gun(s)/gun stuff (TX)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by apowell, May 2, 2006.

  1. apowell


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    Mar 2, 2006
    DFW, TX
    I have two solar pool heating panels and accompaning valves, electronics, etc... that I would like to sell or trade for gun(s) or gun stuff.

    This is a great addition to the pool at this time of year. Gets the pool ready faster and recovers from rain/cool fronts really quick. Also cools it off on the really hot weeks ahead and extends your swim season by 1-2 months depending on how you like your pool. If I had a place to install it on this house it wouldn't be on the block.

    These are the black rubber ("tactical" ) mats with tubes running through them that heat the pool during the day, and cool it at night, when appropriate. They can be installed on your roof or on an angled ground surfaceThey have not been used in a while and are rolled up in a storage building. I don't remember the exact measurements but I think they are each 4'x35'. Supposedly it is enought to heat a 30-40k gallon pool. I had them both on an ~20k gallon pool, and it was toasty warm , but we moved and had to replace the roof, and I didn't feel like reinstalling them on the old house and our new house is a 2 story.

    These were only exposed to the elements for 1 year. You will need to add some roof mastic (glue), PVC pipe and perhaps a couple of new $10 thermal sensors to install the system. The system has to be picked up in Arlington, TX. I'll help you load it and explain how to install it.

    This pool heater cost over $2000 new. They don't cost quite that much now, so all trade an/or purchase offers will be given serious consideration. My wife wants these gone and I'd rather get a gun out of the deal than cash, since she won't let me buy another gun right now, but won't make me sell a gun either.
    The closest thing I could find to this is $1420 new and I'm NOT expecting to get that.
    Panels (4x70 feet total) $1020 :
    Controls and valves $400 :

    I like pretty much anything long or short that goes BANG with a preference for Semi-Autos! I love 1911s & XDs and would love to get an AR. Even if I don't want what you offer, I might still take the trade as it would take up less room than the pool heater. I have 2 boys and a third on the way, so any youth sized guns would be ok as well (no single shots please - I've got plenty of those). Other items of interest: electronic hearing protection, spotting scope, .45/.40 turrett type reloading setup, gun safe/security cabinet/good power tools, hot-tub, pool slide, ammo (new or reloads) 9mm/.40/.45 .

    You can add cash to a low value trade, or I can add cash for a high value trade. You decide what this is worth to you and let me know.

    If your'e out of state and want to make the drive we'll work something out for an FFL on this end if needed.

    Email questions or offers to adonpowell at comcast dot net.

    No pics available. It would look like two huge rolls of black stuff and a pox of pool parts.