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I bought this gun about 6 months ago in the hope of building a USPSA gun. With the price of ammo and more so my limited time getting to the range. I do not see the need to continue as I now work weekends and cannot compete in any matches as they to be on the weekends.

About the gun.

It is a PARA-ORDNANCE 16-40LDA with the lifetime warranty from Para. It includes 2 16 Round Factory magazines that came with the gun when I bought it. Those go for 40-65.00 when you can get them.

The only modification I have done to the firearm is to add a Wilson Combat Extended Slide Stop (the go for around 30.00 on Midway) the factory one will be shipped with the firearm as well.

The lower frame has a couple scratches I bought it that way and since I was going to build a race gun never worried about them (still rate it over 94-95%). Gun broker has them going for 550-595. The gun shot great (I put around 250 rounds through it with out a hick-up) and had no feed problems.

Can sell outright or willing to trade -- (Trade list below)

Sell Price I would ask is $500.00 and I will pay shipping to your FFL. I will ship this gun from my FFL as well.

Trades, in order of preference: If needed, can work cash up or down if needed.


3rd Gen Glock 23, 19 Complete NIB

223 Bolt Rifle (no savage please -- already have one)

204 Ruger Bolt Rifle

State and Federal laws apply Buyer to make sure this is legal in his or her state.
Anyway thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you either way.

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