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WTT/WTS OD Glock 35 w/9mm conversion - TN

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I have a Glock 35 with the OD green frame up for sale. it is all factory original except for a GlockWorx trigger. it is set at 4lbs with no creep, very crisp. i will include 6 15 round 40 mgs, 1 LWD 40-9 barrel with no markings, 1 17 round 9mm mag, 2 G18 33rnd mags, a insight M3 light, and a comp-tac MTAC slide holster. 300 rounds through the factory barrel, 300 rounds through the LWD barrel. it also has a set of talon grips installed. i have carried this gun occasionally off duty. there is some slight wear near the muzzle and on the extended slide release where it rubs on the MTAC.

looking for $800obo. would like to trade for a Kimber Custom II or Springfield Loaded 1911. prefer FTF in Clarksville, TN or near here. will ship at buyers expense.

I also have some reloading stuff i can sell since my next gun will be a 1911.
I have a Lee Deluxe 9mm 4 die set, several hundred pieces of cleaned brass, maybe 1K.
I have 200 rounds that i recently reloaded, 125gr LRN Missouri Bullet Co. bullets over 5.0gr of Unique and Federal SP primers. the OAL is set at 1.130". all charges were weighed individually by hand using a RCBS Rangemaster 750 digital scale. *I am not a professional ammunition manufacturer so use the reloads at your own risk* i have shot 300 of the exact same reloads already.
I also have 31 rounds of Hornady 165gr TAP in .40. and 30 rounds of 124gr+P TAP in 9mm.

will take 125 for the reloading stuff.

I will include shipping if bought as a complete package for $925 shipped.

Also have a Stag AR for sale here in the classifieds also.
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ok per PM request, ill update some info.

the gun is wearing the factory adjustable sights.

the trigger is a drop in tactical trigger kit from GlockWorx, not the fulcrum.

the first half of the serial is KPNxxx, ive had this since new.

3 of the .40 mags are marked as restricted and have #5 followers.
2 of the .40 mags are unmarked with a #5 follower.
1 of the .40 mags are unmarked with a #7 follower.
the G17 mag has a #5 follower and the ambi cut.
1 of the G18 mags has the ambi cut and both have #5 followers.
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Interesting, you want a 1911 and your post shows a time of 19:11. I guess it is meant to be. Nice grip you got on there. :supergrin: :bump:
I just noticed the time, maybe its a sign?

The grips are awesome.
That looks like an awesome deal. The G35 is a great gun and with the 9mm conversion it's a dream.
open to trades possibly?
SPF to DS12
Funds sent, thank you for the great communication.
no problems. thank you for the same.
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