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WTS/WTT New Bren MKIII Semi $3995 plus shipping from PA. Made by Historic Arms. There are very few of these made into semi and Historic Arms is the only one making them and they are of the utmost quality. He told me he is only doing a few more and that will be it. Comes with mags in original WWII metal case. Will trade for the following items up or down(plus or minus cash). Call or e-mail only 717-495-0131 This is 303 British but he makes 308 and 7.62x54R conversions for around $200 each.
[email protected]
1)Pre Ban Hungarian AK47
2)FN PS90
3)Arsenal krink (5.56 or 7.62)
4)Springfield socom M1a
5)Poly-tech Legend national Match
6)Pre Ban RPK (Yugo or Chinese)
7)FN Scar
8)Leupold MK 4 scopes
9)Knights Mk23 Socom suppressor
10)30 cal Surefire suppressor
11)Sig 550
12)Sig Classic
13)Sig 556 pistol
14) FNC original scope and mount
15)Beta c-mags for AR
16)Steyr AUG
17) Yugo M76/M90 8mm Sniper Rifle.
20) Colt AR15's ( 6920,6921,6933,6940).
21)Colt R6540 AR15 9mm Carbine
22)H&K 94
23)H&K PSG
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