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WTT/WTS: MOD CQD Mk I Tactical Folder (DFW, TX)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by JPA1701, Jan 29, 2006.

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    Sep 15, 2005
    DFW, TX
    WTT/WTS: Masters Of Defense CQD Mk I Special Operations Tactical Folder (DFW, TX)

    I have a MOD CQD MKI folder I would like to trade or sell. I bought this not long ago and never carried it or ever used the blade. I bought in new for $280.00. It is a very nice knife. I would just like to get something else for pocket carry. I am very open to any trades. I would like a folder like a Spiderco, Cold Steel, Benchmade, etc. Would really like a FTF in DFW, TX but not opposed to shipping for the right deal. Open to cash too. Just let me know what you have to trade!


    · Handle: Milled 6061-T6 Aluminum
    · Handle finish: Military Spec Hardcoat, Black Anodized, “wing-walk”
    grip enhancement inserts
    · Blade Steel: Cryogenically hardened 154CM high carbon stainless
    steel with a Rockwell hardness of 60
    · Blade Thickness: .148 inch
    · Overall length: 9.5”, 5.75 “ when closed
    · Blade Length: 3.75”
    · Locking mechanism: Plunge-lock with Secondary Safety lock on thumb

    · Plunge Lock – Proprietary locking mechanism - cross-hatched surface - Positioning and function ensures the operator’s fingers are clear of the blade path when closing the knife - allows a safe, secure grip on knife while closing – allows quick closing under stress without requiring great dexterity – raised area around push button lock helps prevent accidental contact and subsequent disengagement of the blade lock – audible lock indicator – deliberate lock release
    · Secondary Slide Safety Lock – Prevents blade from closing if primary lock button is pushed unintentionally – slide ridge ensures deliberate activation and deactivation of the lock – provides quick index point to insure lock is on or off – ensures blade stays in open position for hard or extended use – audible click to ensure secondary lock is engaged or disengaged
    · ATAC Support Blade – Greatly enhances the operator’s use of the tactical folder by providing multifunction capabilities. Designed for those moments when a cutting surface is essential but deploying the primary blade is less effective or perhaps even dangerous such as onboard inflatable watercraft, other moving platforms, in tight spaces or in close proximity to friendly personnel. Prevents unnecessary dulling the primary blade – Swedish surgical-steel blades are removable for resharpening and are replaceable. Utility uses include cutting cords, bands, tape, shoelaces, small flex-cuffs, small wires, etc. Emergency uses include seatbelts in vehicular extractions, cutting clothing from injured personnel, release from entrapment (parachute cords, wires, straps, etc.)
    · Dieter Side Hilt - stops thumb and grip from moving forward over hilt and onto blade – provides pressure and striking point – enables greater control of blade for specialized cuts – provides control to use side of blade rather than cutting edge – serves as a retraction support – helps protect user’s grip from adversary’s weapon or obstructions – assists initial access of knife – enhances ability to control penetration depths of blade – acts as a pressure stop (contact point) when attaching the knife to a staff to make a spear– utilized as a snap-over lock retention system for sheath – utilized for pressure point and/or striking device.
    · Modified spear-point broadening blade – for greater strength and penetration capabilities.
    · Grip Seal System – 4-way expansive hilt, hilt traction ribs, knurled grips, finger grooves and “wing-walk” surfaces provide a sure and safe grip under any conditions and improve performance - handle has contrasting surface levels with anti-slip grip inserts and milled vents for lighter weight & cleaning ease
    · Extended pommel – Utilized for pressure points and strikes – helps protect median nerve and wrist
    · Expanded hilt - has a larger-than-normal hilt area to better protect the users hand from impact and to improve the users control of the knife. The expanded hilt offers increased pressure point and striking capabilities.
    · Non-reflective, resilient finish – strongest and most durable finish available, will stand up to years of aggressive training and hard use in the field or on the street – subdued silver finish to prevent unwanted reflection
    · Soft Nylon sheath

    Note: This model does not have the Carbide Window Breacher and it is not an Automatic version.


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    How about a SpiderCo Police model...razor edge

    I know I almost cut my thumb off with it. They used 14 stitches to close the wound.

    You know how to get in touch with me...


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    Jun 4, 2005
    If someone buys my Mark V, I'll probably buy this knife from you.
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    Jun 7, 2004