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**first off this is kinda of a feeler, about 25% i want to keep this but i want to see if theres any interest**

i have a LNIB glock 21 SF with ambi mag, glock rail, night sites(say trudot on them, dont know anything about night sites), 2 13 round mags, and box.(the box isnt the original box, and there are no papers, lock, or spent casing) i bought this gun from a dealer who said it was shot a total of two mags worth and traded back in, and you couldnt even tell that much was shot through it, its spotless, perfect.

i got it, never shot it, and put it in the safe. now that ammo has gun up, im really trying to stick with 9mm so this baby has to go.

i would prefer to trade it for the following:

M&P 9 or 40
M&P 45 (only dark earth and only if its the right deal-trying to get out of 45)
Glock 34
Glock 19

or a nice TLR-1 +cash
223/5.56 ammo
9mm ammo
glock 17 mags
magpul Pmags(30 rrds black)

i will give it price of $500 shipped for now)

as far as pics, for some reason, putfile isnt working for me right now, but i should be able to email them to you somehow, but trust me, it looks like a brand new glock 21SF.

any questions, email me at kirbykid25 at, pm me or call me at 641-430-0888

thanks alot

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