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WTT/WTS Emerson, Glock, Gerber and Becker

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by EX CATM, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. EX CATM


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    Jun 25, 2004
    Corinth, MS
    WTS/WTT the following items. USPS Money orders only FTF only on firearms. I am near Jackson, TN and Corinth, MS.

    1. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Gerber pack axe New. $20 shipped SOLD PENDING FUNDS

    2. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Glock e-tool new. Has light marks from being packed up. $35 shipped SOLD PENDING FUNDS

    3. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Becker Combat Utility 7 Knife. Used scratches on finish, razor sharp. Specs:
    7" 0170-6C carbon steel
    .188" thick stock
    High, flat saber grind
    Coated in black epoxy-powder coating
    Full tang, with trademark BK&T ergonomic scales of GV6H
    Weight: 12.9 oz
    $35 shipped SOLD PENDING FUNDS

    4. I have a lightly used Emerson Specwar A. The blade has never been sharpened except for what the factory did when they made it, it is still extreemly sharp, there is very minor wear on the finish at the high points on the blade, the pictures realy don't do it justice. Includes original box. $95shipped.

    Stuff i'd trade for:
    12 ga. pump shotgun, nothing fancy, plain 870 or something, beat up is fine If you are close by
    Right hand OWB halster for USP .40 fullsize, something like a comp-tac locking padle
    Double or single kydex mag pouch for USP .40 fullsize
    Sadlack gas piston for M1A
    Sadlack Spring guide for M1A (or other one piece NM spring guide, smith , badger, etc.)
    M1A USGI magazines (I only need 2) CMI prefered
    SKS rifle if you are close by
    .22 pistol if you are close by
    Spyderco Police Modle
    Benchmade Folder
    Opening assisted folder
    .308 ammo