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I used to reload, but haven't done so in several years. I have a bunch of brass, bullets, primers and some loaded ammo that I need to move. Feel free to make a cash offer, but I would prefer to trade locally for gun related "stuff". I work in Las Colinas. I would prefer FTF in DFW, but will ship at buyers expense.

Here is the list:


358 Win- 10 factory loaded and 8 once-shot brass. Slver Tips.

12 guage Winchester Supreme Turkey loads. 3 1/2 inch Copper plated, 4 shot.

6mm (244 Rem)- 45 landloads. Ballistic tips. Also 57 once fired brass.

38 S&W- 34 rounds. This is old ammo from my dad's collection.


22 cal- 50 gr Nosler Ballistic Tops 10 boxes of 100 each.

30 cal- 200 Remington Core Lok. Also 300- 168 gr Sierra Match King

45 cal- 300, 300 gr 45-70


Federal 215 magnum large rifle- 70

Remington No. 9 1/2 Magnum rifle- 900

Remington No. 7 1.2 Small Rifle Bench Rest- 1000

Winchester Large Rifle- 800

Winchester Standard Magnum Large Piston- 250

Winchester Magnum small pistol- 76

CCI 206 shotgun- 100


300 Weatherby- 20 once fired. Remington and Hornady brass in a Remington box.

50 AE- 85 once fired brass

500 S&W- 20 once fired brass

475 Linebaugh- 48 once fired brass. Buffalo Arms

45 acp- 633 pieces of brass. Mostly once fired, some range pick up

44 Mag- 233 pieces of brass. Some once fired, some more. All in good shape.

357 mag- 177 pieces. Mostly once fired. Mostly nickle

38 special- 108 pieces. mostly once fired

9mm- one 13oz coffee can full. I didnt count them, but there is a bunch.

350 Rem mag- 30 once fired.

22 Hornet- 50 once fired brass

17 Rem- 21 once fired brass

Email interest to [email protected]. Thanks

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I have had several "what are you interested in trading for" emails. Really nothing specific. I am a hunter and shooter and always interested in gear, books/videos, accessories etc. I am interested in all types of rifles, handguns, archery. I would be interested in any reasonable ideas. Thanks

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Offer sent on one of the items. Free bump BTT, if nothing else!:) Thanks, MLM
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