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As the title says, I have a Walther P99C in .40 that is in great shape with a little holster wear on the finish. This is a SWEET shooting gun and costs over $700 new (MSRP is $825). It comes with 1 factory magazine with the fingergrip extension on it and 1 extended magazine. Has a brand new High Noon IWB concealed carry holster in black leather (very nice) and the hard black plastic gun case. It has the walther adjustable sights (uses a small allen wrench to adjust the sights for windage). The gun has been sitting in the holster for the past 1.5 weeks (when I bought the holster) so it would get fitted nicely. I have all the bag and paperwork from the holster and it still smells brand new.

I have gotten rid of all my .45, .40, and .38 pistols as I have become a 9mm junkie (and I also got an unbelievable steal of a deal on 10k rounds of 9mm ammo :tongueout: and have 9mm AR rifles and 9mm suppressors so it just makes sense....). So I am looking for something in 9mm, I would prefer a Glock 19 but will take any 9mm glock, a Walther P99 or P99C in 9mm, or any other nice 9mm pistol (no crap please and thanks). Would also trade for 9mm ammo or glock accessories as well. I will pay for shipping to my FFL and yours to sweeten the deal.

Will also sell the package deal for $500 shipped to your FFL.

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