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Wtt/ Tora Kukri and Yaesu 2 Ham Radios ~ For Kevlar Panels

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Texas Gunman, Jun 3, 2006.

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    Jun 18, 2005
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    Photographs of WWI MKI Style Kukri (Single Fuller)

    Added camo cloth to the sheath.

    This is the kukri that the Gurkhas built their reputation on in the North West Frontier and in WWI, and Tora are the first and only company to accurately reproduce this kukri since WWI. We have even had it made with the nut in the top of the handle, as per the original models.

    The MKI kukri is one of the most imposing military kukri ever produced, much heavier than most military kukri ever issued and its reputation precedes it. The Tora MkI is the best WWI Kukri made in Nepal today. It has a great feel in the hand and is a versatile kukri capable of heavy-duty work. This kukri does not come with Chakmak or Karda utility knives which is another specification of the original model.

    With this model, Tora have ensured that the scabbard is of the traditional military "flat" style ensuring a comfortable carry, as opposed to the modern triangular scabbards which are bulky and cumbersome.

    Blade length 35.5cm, Handle Length 12.5cm, Weight 25oz, supplied with a Military Scabbard.

    Asking $115 shipped, this is a really good deal on a excellent blade, 2nd to none.
    (paypal only)

    Also have a few of these Yaesu 2M ham radios,with new batteries and accessories,pouches etc,valued at itleast $200, can provide pixs off everything or just trade one radio.

    Looking for kevlar panels 2,2A or better yet 3A,also I'll consider level3 plates.

    IM or e-mail me a

    Thanks for looking.