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WTT: Stuff for other Stuff

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by rkb3119, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. rkb3119


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    Apr 23, 2000
    I have for trade the following items, am interested in trading for the stuff on the list at the bottom of the page……………………

    Lakota Lil’Hawk folding knife with black basketweave case, NIB

    Nitrex 30.06 ammo, 20 round boxes

    Nitrex .308 ammo, 20 round boxes

    Gold Dot .357 Sig ammo, 50 round boxes

    Gold Dot .357 Magnum ammo, 50 round boxes

    Various Outers gun cleaning stuff, NIB

    Federal Less-Lethal 12 gauge bean bag rounds, 5 round boxes (law enforcement agency price is around $29.00 per box) Very hard to get except for law enforcement agencies.

    Various Colt 1911 parts

    Military M19 binoculars with hard case (need repair, couple of dings and dents, optics have what appears to be some kind of fiber junk in them, do not function properly)

    Three pre-ban, hicap, Ram Line brand mags to fit Browning Hi-power

    Two ASP brand straight batons

    One ASP side handle baton

    M-60 links

    Gerber Mark I, new in the box

    About 150 rounds of Lake City Match in .308 (The long range stuff with 168 GR. BTHP)

    G.I. Camo load bearing vest, new

    Bowen Belt Knife with size 34 black belt, belt is used, knife is as new double edged model

    Team sling, black

    Full case of 1000 rounds Federal .40 Smith and Wesson 180 grain HST-JHP law enforcement ammo

    Black load bearing vest set up for shotgun with cross draw holster made by SEATEC Custom

    One factory Glock plastic mag carrier to fit Glock 20,21,30

    Colt Firearms Watch, (made by Swiss Army), Colt logo on face in very nice wooden box with Colt engraved on the top, NEW IN BOX

    Desantis Low Light Simulator Glasses, NIB

    TAC STAR Extended Magazine Clamp to fit Remington 870/1100, NIB

    GI Insect Headnet, New

    German Flectern Pattern Jacket, Used but in good condition, about size medium

    Remington 11-87 Police Owner’s Packets with instruction and safety book, New/Sealed

    Remington 870 factory action arms, used, but in good condition
    (have several)

    Canadian DPM Parachutist Smock, Medium Short, new condition

    Gerber Guardian II, woodland camo, fair to good used condition, needs to be cleaned and sharpened.....TRADED

    Gerber Command I, used with some damage to the tip, can be repaired and cleaned up

    Sidearmor Kydex holster to fit Glock 17/22/19/23, black, right hand, straight drop, for 1.5 inch belt, as new condition

    NEW desert tan Blackhawk Three Day Assault pack

    NEW desert camo Camelbak, Mule

    Blade Tech paddle holster to fit Glock 19/23/27/26, right hand, straight drop, as new condition

    G-Code kydex paddle holster to fit Glock 17/22/23/19, right hand, straight drop, as new condition.....TRADED


    THINGS I AM LOOKING FOR………………………………….

    FAL metric magazines in very good or better condition

    Sure Fire forend light to fit Remington 870

    Tactical load bearing gear, Tactical Taylor, Eagle, Blackhawk, Molle, OD or Woodland Camo

    K-Var polymer stock set to fit SAR 1 or SAR 2

    Ranger Body armor, large

    LEO 30 round AR-15 magazines

    LEO Glock mags to fit Glock 17 or Glock 22

    Any Sure Fire stuff

    GSG9 tactical boots, size 10

    SAR 2 in good condition

    AR-15 lower parts kit, new condition, DPMS, RRA, Bushmaster

    .22 Conversion kit for AR-15

    Suunto Vector (black) wristop computer in new or as new condition

    Mags in 5.45 X 39 to fit SAR 2

    NOTE: Not looking to sell at the moment, just looking for trades, but thank you very much for looking. Can supply photos to serious inquires. Please contact through e-mail and I will respond as soon as reasonably possible.