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Sig Sauer P938 9mm - unfired. I bought this gun new in September and have never fired it. I've racked it and dry-fired it a bit, but it has never been fired outside the factory. The manufactured date is 4/7/2019.

It's unique, I've never seen another like it...all black lower including the controls, rosewood grips, and a two-tone stainless upper with high-polished flats. It's such a great looking gun I couldn't bring myself to break the ice. I figured I'd trade it off to someone who will use it....or not... Either way, it's a sweet gun looking for a new home. Check out the high-res photos below.

It comes with all the factory stuff - two mags, case, paperwork, etc.

Also included is a Sig Lima38 red laser. Great for self defense with this small of a gun!

My trades - in order of preference:

357 Magnum lever rifle (will trade in your favor for the right one)
45-70 lever rifle
308 bolt action rifle
Glock 48
Glock 44
S&W, Dan Wesson, Ruger large frame revolvers in 357 or 44
Colt 1911
Range ammo - 9mm, 357 mag, 44 mag, 44 special, 357 Sig, 10mm, 556, 223, 45-70, 308
Maybe a 12 gauge pump
Might be open to other trade offers - but no optics and no 40's, and I especially don't need any firearm pieces parts.

I will add cash or ammo for the right deal.

I paid $579 for the gun, and $99 for the laser. The trade can be at retail value or resale value - up to you, as long as yours is priced accordingly.


The fine print:

For trades, we each handle our own shipping.

FTF at an FFL in western PA is an option.

If not FTF, firearm trades must ship from your FFL to mine. My FFL will not accept from an individual. I will ship from my FFL to yours.

For a straight up sale - Shipping FFL to FFL is not included. We can work out the details but figure on an additional $25.

Also for straight sale or if you have to add cash, CashApp is preferred, their terms of service do not prohibit firearms transactions. I can also accept credit cards via my wife's Square account. Paypal is ok as a last resort with ZERO in the comments.

Please, no low-ball offers! This is a quality gun.

Know and obey the laws of your jurisdiction. No shipping to CA, AK, and HI or anywhere prohibited by law.

I have 100% feedback as buyer, seller, and trader on several forums and Ebay. I describe items accurately and ship fast.

For contact, please EMAIL: w e s w a r r e n (at) y a h o o (dot) com. Have questions or need more pics? Let me know. I travel a lot for work so answers may be delayed a bit, hang with me.

I will answer PM's, but for some reason I do not get notifications from so my responses may be delayed a little. Emails will get a quicker response unless I'm traveling somewhere.

Please do not post in this ad unless you are the trader. Send questions or offers via email (preferred) or IM. Thanks.

(Please note - there are snap caps in the photos that are not included)

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