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I have an almost new SIG 556 HOLO, it been to the range once when I was tuning and sighting in another rifle. I took the time to put 20 rounds through the SIG then got onto the reason I went to the range. You couldn't tell it's ever been shot.

This model has a collapsible and side folding stock and factory holographic sight (not the tube style red dot, it's a true holo sight). Includes all the factory items such as manuals, case, blue band from the pistol grip and "toe tag" from the trigger guard. It has the factory 30 round SIG magazine and I will include 2 additional SIG 30 round mags that couple together. This rifle also accepts any mags that work in a standard AR15.

Rifle has a front sight and a pop up BUIS built into the rail. Gas piston operated which makes it a very reliable and clean system.

Really looking for anything. I'd like to pick up some cash in the deal, but I have no problem doing a full trade.

Some ideas:

Gas piston kit for an AR15.
Eotechs or Aimpioints.
Magnifiers for an Eotech.
Taurus Judge (Public Defender model preferred, but anything with the 3" barrel will do).
Ruger LCR.
45ACP revolver.
1911s (higher end such as Baer or Wilson, etc).
.17Rem Upper.
5.7 Upper or maybe pistol.
AR15s well equipt.
Precision bolt guns, looking for varmint or tactical setups.

For pistols I'd like to stick with 45ACP unless noted in the list.

Sorry for the crappy pics, my digital camera won't seem to come on so I had to use my iPhone.


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I have a Ruger M-77 MARK II bolt action target rifle in 223. This rifle is in very good condition with maybe 200 rounds thur it in the last five years. rifle came with a Simmons 44mag model m1048 6.5-20x44 A/O scope with truplex reticle has Harris bipod and a monopod on rear. I never did setup to reload 223 so I shot mostly Federal XM193 BTBALL with this rifle still getting one inch groups at 100 meters asd long as I did my part.
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