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I have a like new Stag Model 2H Upper, Right Handed, that I bought a couple weeks ago. It is the carbine gas length with M4 barrel and fixed front sight base which is F Marked. It has had 40 rounds through it. Worked flawlessly. It is a flat top upper that currently has a LMT BUIS. If you want my BUIS, you'll have to provide a BUIS with your 20" in trade. If you have an A2 style upper with a fixed carry handle I would expect something extra in trade as it is slightly less desirable/valuable. Mine will also come with the bolt/carrier/charging handle if yours does.

I am open to anything except Model 1 Sales/DelTon, etc....I would like Stag, LMT, RRA, Colt, Bushy, Armalite, etc....

I would be willing to sell this upper outright as well. $475.00 shipped with no sight, $550.00 shipped with the rear sight.

Only willing to trade for an AR upper or cash at the moment.

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