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wtt reloading stuff (brass,primers,bullets) & ammo (IN)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by glocktoys, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. glocktoys


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    Jan 27, 2001
    Indiana U.S.A.
    ok here is what i have. items i want are at the bottom. ADD FOR SHIPPING
    30/30 die set:

    .44 sp/mag dies: 3 seating dies and one resize,deprime die (pull this and insert the expander as lost that die) and shell plate.
    they are all rcbs dies.


    100 9mm 115gr fmj rainier

    85 hornady interlock 150gr sp .308 (#3031)

    100 rainier plated .451” 230gr round nose FMJ

    primers ($5 per 100 but not shipping)

    300 federal small pistol primers

    400 winchester large pistol primers

    300 winchester large rifle

    The following are older primers I got that were stored in Tupperware with silica to keep dry

    524 cci large tifle primers:

    669 cci small rifle primers:

    1380 cci large pistol primers:


    imr 4198 1lb (loaded 20rounds of 6.8 spc but not loading any more rifle cartrages) still in factory plastic container stored in controlled humidity area.


    50 10mm once fired cleaned starline brass

    68 .357 sig once fired brass all cleaned

    20 .380 acp rounds

    50 .38 special

    50 .308 winchester once fired cleaned brass (mixed win/federal/remington)

    19 6.8 spc once fired

    100 .45 acp once fired cleaned

    200 .40 s&w once fired cleaned brass

    100 9mm once fired cleaned brass

    50 .25 auto

    Reloading boxes/supplies

    2 9mm red Frankford arsenal/midway 50round plastic boxes

    1 mtm reloading tray for rifle and pistol ammo (holds 50 at a time pistol on one side rifle on other)

    what i need:

    m1a/m14 .308 mags
    m1a/m14 scopemount and scope
    6 position ar-15 stock tube
    cool stock for above tube
    2 walther/s&w p99 9mm 15/16 round mags
    3 sw99 .45 acp mags
    2 walther p22 mags with finger extension
    walther p99 9mm threaded barrel
    factory 6.8 spc ammo
    cool ar-15 stuff to pimp my rifles (LOL)
    dpms lr308 mags in /308 winchester
    dpms lr-308 .308 win upper w/ 18” barrel
    6.8 spc ,.308 winchester,7.62x39 and .45 acp ammo (factory not reloads)

    or what ever add cash or other stuff on my side or you can make a cash offer if wanted. pm me with offers
  2. glocktoys


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    Jan 27, 2001
    Indiana U.S.A.
    1 new rcbs bullet puller new in package

    One box of .17 mach 2 50round box cci $5

    2 boxes Winchester .45 acp 185gr fmj ammo (50 round boxes)

    3 boxes sellier and bellot 9mm 115gr fmj ammo (50 round boxes)

    4 boxes 7.62x39 wolf 20 rounds each 122gr jhp (brown bear in pic traded) $6 each

    1 box .22lr colibri no powder ammo (no bang but wont cycle gun actions) $5

    1 brick .22lr (400 rounds) American eagle 38gr jacketed hollow point ammo $20

    1 box of 20 brown bear .308 win. 145gr fmj

    12 rounds of wolf 150gr fmj in wolf box