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WTT Reloading setup in Kentucky

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All the reloading equipment on the table goes. I'm looking to trade for a nice pistol or rifle or a combination of both depending on what you offer. I'm looking for- .22, .223,
.308, 9mm, .40, .45 or maybe a really nice scope, night force or leupold. I'd like to do this local but for something I really like I'd ship.
RCBS Rock Chucker II
Lyman No. 55 powder measurer
Lyman Pro 500 scale
Lyman Case lube kit
Lee Auto Prime
Lee Auto Prime Shell Holder set
Lee .223 die set
Lee 30/30 die set
Lee 6.4x55 die set
RCBS .45 acp die set
2000 CCI 400 small rifle primers
Sierra bullets .224 diameter
Redding 1400 XT Case timmer
3 trays
1 funnel
1000-2000 pieces of .223 brass, not sure on the exact number, no time to count.
.45, .40 brass
All the brass has been cleaned.
I've got original boxes for all of it except the press.
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