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I have Century made Tantal collecting dust. It has 4 mags through it because I don't like dealing with the corrosive ammo. It is in perfect condition cosmetically and mechanically.

The mags I put through it were to check if it keyholes. I had 0 keyholes at 50 yds or 100 yds with the gun smoking hot, where the problems seem to occur.

I'm looking to trade the gun, 3 mags, and possibly some ammo for a 20" AR-15 from most any maker. The ammo will be traded if your gun is worth more then mine, to make the deal even. The ammo is Bulgarian surplus.

I'm in Brevard, but will drive a reasonable distance to meet for the trade. I will be at the Orlando gun show one day this weekend if anyone happens to be going to make a swap. Other interesting trades considered as well.

Will sell with 950 rds of ammo for $600 or just the gun for $525
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