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This is only a year old and has never been worn in the field. This is a true S.W.A.T. or ERT/SRT tactical Vest for Sale... The pictures in the links below says it all.

This is the real deal it is a 3A vest the shoulder, arm, collar and removeable groin protection are shown included !
PM me about any questions and what is included and details about this armor.
It adjust out to fit someone from 5'10 and 180lbs with a 32 inch waist to someone up to 6'3 and 240lbs with a 44" waist because of the adjustable laces in the back. It has a steele quick release that removes the vest in a second for medical emergencies, it has front and back load bearing pockets for armor plates and is BRAND NEW!!!
The ballastic panels are also water resistant, they can't call it water proof because there are seems but it the only water resistant vest like this to be had. FTF in N.Dallas area or Ship....
$1,500.00. Cash or PP+4% Or Money Order Or Trade for new ACOG or What's ya got???? Let me know? :wavey: ACOG offers are first in line. Really need one for my RRA M4 Tactical Entry Model. ACOG must come with matching serial numer to pelican case and manual... NO CLONES!!!:steamed:
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