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WTT Nordic 10/22 WA

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Stock trigger still. Used gun but since been built (with the Nordic kit, Collapsible stock, Free float handguard, Heavy duty ported barrel, replica Trijicon Acog scope+red dot scope) it has never been fired. Comes with a 36 round and 2 stock 10 round mags. Looking for a .40 or .45 auto pistol that can be carried. I am not worried too much about compact/subcompact, I have been able to pull off carrying some good sized firearms. Ideally looking for a XD .45, decent 1911 of some kind or a Snubby SP101 + ammo..

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Open to most any equal value pistol/ pistol + reloading components or ammo of about 550-$600. Will probably find it hard to turn down a cash offer of $525 :whistling:
Interested in all offers, ones listed are just what I would prefer.
I'd suggest bigger and better pics. Hard to see anything on those thumbnail sized ones. And, what part of WA? Stock trigger pack?
Didn't realize the thumbnails linked to pictures the same size. Thank you for bringing it up, I apologize. I am in Vancouver, but willing to travel quite a bit, as long as I can find something to do where we meet, or on the way back for the kids to do ;)

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back up.

Talking to someone about a trade that I would LOVE but haven't heard back in the last couple times they've logged in, still available.
Well I think it's official, he flaked and refuses to say so. Still available, willing to consider almost all offers.
$475 FTF, I am in Vancouver but willing to drive to Seattle, or of equal distance if you are willing to pay $500 I suppose.
offer trades of ~$425 or cash, need it gone.
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