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-I'm looking to trade for: Para P14.45LTD, Springfield LW Compact or Champion, or other nice accurate 1911, no 3"; Kahr P45 w/NS, or ???????
-I'd orefer a trade, but I'd take $625 shipped CONUS.

Here's what I've got-
DCM legal Service Rifle upper assembly:
-20" 11deg target crowned 1:8 DPMS stainless barrel, Wylde chamber, <1K round count
-RRA DCM legal free float handguards
-AccuracySpeaks forearm weight
-windage adjustable front sight base w/NM post
-Flattop upper receiver
-Det. Carry Handle w/RRA 1/2x1/2 sight screws and hooded aperture (.040)
-Rear sight post modified to enable elevation adj past 600yds
-includes B/C/CH, 2 20rd mags, and black NM sling (I need to check it its biothane or leather).

I'm no great shooter, but I shot mid 90's prone at 500 with this upper. With decent handloads (Mine were Hornady 75gr BTHP's at mag length, 2750fps) it'll hold the Xring at 500yds-when I can. I never scoped it and shot it for groups at 100.

Before the question is asked, here's how detachable carry handles are DCM/CMP/NRA legal:

NRA rules defer to CMP EIC rules

(3.1.3 Service Rifle - Any rifle or modified rifle not covered by NRA Rules 3.1, 3.1.1 or 3.1.2, but permitted by
CMP Rules are considered service rifles in NRA sanctioned competition.),

of which CMP section 6.2.3 states:

(12) If an M16 A4 or a commercial equivalent rifl e with a removable carry
handle is used, the rifl e must be equipped with a carry handle and rear
sight that has the same confi guration as the carry handle on the M16 A2
(height, type of sight, etc.). No optical sights are permitted. The carry
handle must be attached to the rifl e in such a way that the location of the
handle and rear sight corresponds with the carry handle and sight location
on the M16 A2. A standard M16 front sight must be fi xed in the same location
as it is on the M16 A2.
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