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I'm moving and the washer/dryer are going with me. However, I don't need them anymore and would like to sell or trade them.

The washer is a newer Whirlpool Super Capacity Heavy Duty Ultra Care II. It is the best washing machine I've ever had and can fit large comforters in it and very gentle on delicate items like dress clothes. It's a true workhorse. It retailed for around $550 when I bought it in about 2003. The color is white. It has been well cared for and still has the new laminant sticker covering the control panel, which I never removed. Asking $425 for washer.

The electric dryer is a Kenmore. It's an older model Kenmore. I would estimate it to be about 10 years old, give or take but still has a lot of life left in it. It's probably worth about $75, so I'm asking $75.

I'd take $450 for the set OR...

In trade, I'm LOOKING for firearms. A quality handgun, rifle or shotgun. Examples are Glocks, Springfield XDs, and CZ pistols, hunting rifle (Tikka, Ruger, Savage, etc.), or a Mossburg or Remington shotguns, side x side, etc. +/- cash.

I'm also looking for a set of new or newer 265/65/17 tires, steel rims for same, or a Yakima or Thule style roof luggage carrying system such as a "loadwarrior" or locking box.

+/- cash of course

I can even deliver to your home in the Denver Metro area. Obviously, should be FTF due to the nature of the washer/dryer.

Thanks, Ryan
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