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Not an actual image...

Just like that one. Comes with 1 each factory mag, holster, double mag holder and green case. 4 other mags; 3 stainless Wilson's (2-8rd 1-7rd) and 1 black 8 rd mag. Coyote brown Strider Gunner Grips along with the factory wooden US marked ones. New steel grip bushings since the factory aluminum (?) ones stripped when I tried to remove the screws.

I can get actual pics if/when the need arises.

Would like to trade it for an OD green framed Glock 19. I would also consider an OD 17, 22 or 23. Conversion barrels for the 40s steel sights (tritium or otherwise) and normal capacity magazines are a bonus. The OD frame is a must.. I just don't get excited by black pistols.

I may also be willing to trade for a 1300 defender or other 1300 with 18-20" barrel.

Priced at $550 for now, but I'm open to offers. I would REALLY prefer to trade though.

FTF only. I can add cash if the right deal comes along

Thanks for looking.
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