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I have a Marvel 22 conversion kit that has maybe 200 rounds through it. This is for the single stack 1911. I was going to have the barrel threaded and put a can on it but I need a few things for my AR and this is now on the back burner. These sell for $389 and these are the most accurate 22 conversion kits on the market. Things I need are as follows.

Red Dot optic, prefer EO Tech or Aim Point.
Magpul MIAD Grip
Vickers Blue Force sling
Magpul 30 round mags
Flat top M4A3 upper for new build
SBR flat top upper ( no shorter than 11 1/2" )
3X Eotech or Aim Point magnifier
Vltor or Magpul collapsable stock
AK 47 or 74

If you have something along these lines just let me know, I can add cash if needed for the right trade. Send me an e mail or call, calling is the best way to get a hold of me and I prefer to speak to someone over sending messages back and forth.

Thanks for looking.

Elliott Brass
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